Will you be my husband?

two man sitting on pink flower field

Ringing the bell of my love island,

I walked with excitement in my heart,

Into the room of destiny dazzled in colours,

The heart is beating as if it would fall out,

Loud and loud, to find that one in the crowd,

Shimmering like sequin, shining like star,

Like the wonderland that no one saw,

Eyes are searching for the love of life,

There he is, My dream boy! Now I am all flowers,

Like the water that is frozen in the dark cloud,

A wish to hold your hand fearless and open,

You and I, I know, will make a heaven,

Nonetheless of the fact that the world envies us,

These people are just some lonely souls,

Oh, my man! Don’t you worry these guys,

Straight in the gender, not in the thoughts,

Looking as if they have never seen gays,

With pride, I ask you today before the magic fades,

“Will you be my husband and allow me to be yours?”

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