So What? After All, It Is A Girl.

A woman gets pregnant and goes to a doctor,
The woman doesn’t know that her husband is a monster.
He insists on knowing the gender of the fetus,
If it is a girl child, the regret will be instantaneous.

The doctor does it for money knowing the fact it’s against the law,
If it is a girl child, she hunted like an eagle with a killer claw.
It was a girl child, and the mother is very happy,
But the husband’s mentality is very crappy.

He decided to kill the child in the mother’s womb,
Her own mother’s womb became her tomb.
The mother begged and cried her heart out,
But she is a woman, and no cared her tears shout.

Few girls survive and come to this world of patriarchy,
She doesn’t have rights in her life; her opinions are malarkey.
Even abused or assaulted she must be regressive,
When there are opportunities, her thinking must not be progressive.

When she doesn’t accept a proposal, she is a whore and a slut,
She may dislike one who proposed, but the mouths won’t shut.
She dresses the way she likes, and parties society says is inviting rape,
We educate on consent, but the mind of the people won’t shape.

To go out, she has to carry pepper spray, scissors etc., almost a kitchen,
We succeeded to keep her within the kitchen. We must never be forgiven.
In matrimony, we see ads like fair complexion, well behaved,
Those never think to check if their son is evolved.

They are not demanding special rights or powers,
They are just asking to not to look at them with monstrous eyes.
They are not asking for female-dominant society,
They are asking freedom from the clutches of patriarchy.

Never restrict your girl child to be under oppression,
Always tell her to project her expression.
Teach your boy child to respect everyone,
So that tomorrow he doesn’t go and abuse anyone.

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