Mani Ratnam – The man who redefined Love

My take on the movies of Director Mani Ratnam, where he redefined love .


  • Love in an arranged marriage. (MOUNARAGAM and ROJA)

Film “MOUNARAGAM” revolves around the girl who used to live with free wings and already in love with someone. Suddenly marriage happens to her. But mani sir shows the romance in the arranged marriage system by narrating that ” Patience is key for a good relation”. Nowadays, In most people who live around metropolitan cities, people make fun of arranged marriage. But mani sir proves that love exists in marriage irrespective of type though his movies.

In the film ” ROJA” when the heroine gets married in an unprepared state. Mani sir shows the hurdles of the lady where marriage happens without the consent of the bride. Mani sir shows that all a girl need is dignity. It’s neither flirting nor wooing. All we need to do is dignify the ladies. Love never comes from forcing it and it comes from setting it free.

  • Love has no discrimination (BOMBAY)

In the era’s of 90’s itself, Mani sir broke the barriers for love through films. He showed that caste and religion created the walls between humans rather than creating bonds. When the hero and heroine being from orthodox family still fights for their love and how the religion and caste not interfering their relation is well placed on celluloid.

  • “I love you ” means a lot. (SAKHI)

“Movie Sakhi” is my favourite. It’s clearly shown in the film that love is just not about sharing cooldrinks and romantic walks. It’s about surrendering yourself for what you love the most. Only mani sir can portray the beauty of petty couple fights. Relation is far more superior to ego can be taken from the movie.

  • Heartthrobbers of Maniratnam

I don’t need to say the mania of Maddy aka Madhavan for the girl teenagers of ’20s (2000). If we go back little further, Aravind Swamy created the same magic for the girls of 19’s(1990). it’s not because they had six-packs or supercars. There was love in the words they spoke, which were written by Maniratnam.

Mani sir portrayed love in his cinemas by addressing different social issues, And he pulled it out with such an ease that they created magic in the audience mind. Leaders are many, pioneer is one thats MANIRATNAM

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