Somethings need to be changed by SOCIETY not by GOVERNMENT alone.

“Shreya, an 8-year-old girl, is playing with other children, and suddenly a boy living next to her house came and said “Shreya, your mom went to the market and asked me to get you home. Come, let’s go home.” She said bye to everyone and went along with him. While walking back home, he pulled her off the road and asked her to remove the dress. Shreya, being shocked after listening to it stood without any movement. Irritated with her, he started shouting, and he pulled it by himself so forcefully that the buttons of her dress are scattered around. Then he fucked her so hard, he started beating her and felt so relieved after listening to the chocking and screaming of her out of pain. 

After this, he left her on the roadside and left the place. Shreya, unable to bear the pain left the world with her dress on the body that he pulled.”

Well, this type of news is seen every day in the newspaper, and it will go on the trend in social media for a day or two because it is child abusement. 

Have you ever thought “why these fuckers don’t leave the kids and why are the child abusement case registrations have never been on a downtrend?”

The children hadn’t flirted with them or exposed infront of them, but still, they are being abused sexually, tortured left in pain. Many of us still don’t know the reason where these bastards are getting motivated for doing these things. 

And recently I got to know about one such motivating thing, i.e. “Child Pornography”

Yes, child pornography stands first in the reasons why children are sexually abused or assaulted. 

India is one of the worlds biggest contributor and consumer of child abuse content. Kudos!! We are giving a good competition and standing front in the line.

Though child pornography is illegal and strictly prohibited across the country under section 67B, the recent data released by pornhub shows that there is a 95% increase in search for child porn in INDIA (especially during LOCKDOWN period). Of which there is a 150% increase in search for videos showing children tortured, bleeding, choking and where they are at high pain.

Monthly demand for child porn videos is 5 million across all the major cities in India, where Delhi, like suited at the top of the map stood in the first place. And 90% of the viewers are male. The ones who watch those videos tend to do the same. Because it’s human nature that, one should experience what the other had and so they do what they had seen, resulting in child sexual abusement, rape, assault etc. etc.

And what do we do!!

Post the news in social media make it a trend for a few days and will get back to it only when such an event happens again.

I’m not saying that it shouldn’t be a trend. It has to be a trend, but it needs to have such a meaning and worth outcome for making it a trend. And of course, we fail at it because we don’t have much concern. And after all, we haven’t been there.

Well, feel good that technology does play a significant role because people who upload the videos, use VPN’s so that it becomes to track ISP or location of them.

Like seriously man! What is so wrong with these people. For some time, let’s keep the ones watching the videos aside and talk about the ones creating them. 

How could you shoot a video keeping a suffering child who isn’t matured enough to know what she is going through in front of you? She is bleeding and choking in pain, damn it! How can this be so entertaining to you?

And the ones who are watching them are no lesser to psychos because they feel so good and refreshed after looking at a child who is bleeding, tortured, abused. And these people aren’t satisfied with generic videos that are uploaded and demand for more exploitive, violent, torturing videos. 

Seriously, if you aren’t satisfied then go fuck yourself with a hot steel tube, record it and watch it every time you feel watching an exploitive video. 

We are living in a society where most of the people feel sad for torturing animals and least bothered about a child who is sexually assaulted. But we have the finest laws and systems against child abuse that could release the number of child abusement and violence cases, the number of child rapes happened in a year but couldn’t hang those bastards as quickly as the numbers announced.

And there is one last number I want you to know, i.e. around 92000 calls received regarding child abuse to government helpline during lockdown within 11 days. Around 17000 children are abused every year as per the 2019 record. And all these numbers don’t include of-record cases.

Well, we got to understand that we came to a situation where the government alone can not make everything possible. We need to take a step ahead against this kind of things and make sure that your child, irrespective of gender, gets to know what is wrong with child pornography. Reduce the gap between you and children so that they can say what the other person is doing like be in the first place for your child to come and talk to you. Let them know what is a good touch and a bad touch. Most importantly, never ignore when a child comes and tells you about sexual abusement, even if the dearest people had done it to them. Check with your child whenever he/she is online surfing the internet so that your child is not in the hands of sexual predators.

I know this is so long, and to some, it might be annoying as well. But child pornography and child abusement are the least concerned. And I came up with this not because something had happened but, it needs to be pulled out so that many children can be saved.

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