The Shattered Dreams Of Creativity!

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From the first single-celled organism to the fully formed adult human, from the amino acids (building blocks of life) to fully developed immune system and a brain, we humans always differentiated from other species with the power of thinking and creativity. We invented fire to keep us warm, to cook and give us light. We discovered many things to make ourselves more and more comfortable and cope with the environment. 

The modern age humans discover new things from the initial inventions. As the human brain evolved, we needed more things and became very creative. From the Bronze age to Iron age, there was a radical change in how the modern mind sees the elements and make them look beautiful and sophisticated. From surviving to living, we have had a tremendous journey. If you think how did we become such creative, the answer that rounds up the procedure is “curiosity”. Being curious is what made humans creative. 

Coming to the current generation, most of the people lack creativity. According to the recent survey from CROP ( one of the biggest polling firm in the world), 78% of the world population on an average is not creative. They just do the things and get out of it. On a counterpoint, in a survey conducted by HBR ( Harvard Business Review), only 24% of the people are curious about their work. As you can see, the numbers match very close. As people are losing creativity, they are becoming decidedly less creative. So what is killing the curiosity? I believe there are 3 stages where curiosity is killed.

  1. Childhood: The most curious people on the globe are children. Their mind is always curious and has a lot of interest to learn things. Most of the adults get irritated when kids ask different types of questions about the same thing. Imagine a scenario, a mother and a kid are walking home. There is a small mud pond, the kid mind is so curious that it wants to jump in that and have fun. The mother stops the kid from doing it. We do not let kids try simple things and make them curious. In that way, we are killing their curiosity in turn, killing creativity.
  2. Schooling and College: A school is a place where we should preserve the child’s curiosity and innocence to learn. They must be taught ways on how to be creative and how to learn things interestingly. But are children learning that in school? They are just determining to get good grades. They are never grasping things. Parents force their children to get good grades. They monitor them 24/7, literally prohibiting them from doing different things or being creative. Once the school hours are done, extra classes and tuition are killing the interest of child forever. The schools nowadays are literally taking in children and making robots out of them. 
  3. Working For an Organisation: 70% of the curiosity is killed during Schooling, the rest 30% is sucked by working for an organisation to earn a living. We are literally working on the same thing created by someone. If you are working for an MNC, it gets worse. The rules are set there, you can never move out of it, and they will never change it. It is like they want you to work like programmed robots. The companies might pay well, but creativity is being sucked out. At this point, people will have no interests or no hobbies. They just wake up, go to the office, work, come home and sleep, and the cycle continues. Forget creativity; it adds extra pressure on individuals to keep up with the ridiculous goals they get. At this point, curiosity completely dies. Imagine a person without curiosity. It’s bizarre and unexplainable.

In the end, if we keep teaching the kids what to think instead of how to think, we don’t need a robot uprising. The kids will turn into robots, and I can assure you, you won’t find any difference. 

Links of reference: 

CROP on creativity:

HRB on curiosity:

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