In the name of shame!

By – Gayatri Agarwal

10/10 in communication skills
10/10 in studies
10/10 in the ramp walk
An all-rounder they said.
But being dark was not a criterion for the college queen.
That kind of a fat body is never going to get a guy, they said
She proved them wrong by being the same
& got married to one of the most loving men in the
You are so skinny I can see through you, they mocked her.
Five years down the lane, a Gold medallist in gymnastics,
the same people clapped for her.
Deeply in love,
They were so sure of being there for each other
throughout their lifetime,
But little did they know,
The notion of the girl being taller than the guy was a
big no.
‘She sounds beautiful on the radio.’
‘She must be so beautiful to look at.’
Their judgments were no good the day they realised,
they have been listening to and appreciating a guy on the
radio all this while.

Raise your hands if you have ever been shamed. It doesn’t feel good, I know, but I want to say that I’m so proud of you for overcoming it and becoming what you are today!

Raise your hands if you have ever bullied or shamed anyone. Did it feel good raising your hand? I hope it didn’t and if it did this one is especially for you!

Body shaming, calling them with names or any shaming for that fact is a crime in itself. But, using sarcasm to mock someone, really? Come on guys we can be more significant and bigger than this, can’t we?

Do you think a person doesn’t know what they look like? Or how do they sound? You think they need your judgement or opinion for them to look at themselves? Well, so we have now become experts in telling how the other person is because guess what? He/she doesn’t know it yet. After all, we are the ones who have been living in their body to know them better.

Shaming is linked with violence, depression, addiction, aggression and eating disorders. Can we for once put ourselves in that person’s shoes and imagine what it would feel like? Or no, we are too pretty and precious to be bothered about these petty things? For once let’s be proud of something good and see how that makes you feel because these are the things which built up in a person over time and push them towards self-destruction. 

If you really want to make someone realise something, show it by care than showing it by shaming them. Some people are sensitive and emotional, so why take advantage of that? For that little fun or the cool title we achieve? But pause for a second and ask yourself, if that fun is worth someone’s tears or depression?

In a world where we have a virus in the air which is searching for victims to attack and kill them, do we need to become the verbal virus? Or we need to show what humans can do the best? That is to support, show empathy and be there for each other like never before. Because guess what? In some or the other way, the whole world has seen how the turn of events can take life away in seconds. So while we are granted with this beautiful life, let’s make the most of it by doing our good deeds and being wise & kind! That’s what the world needs for us.

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