Congratulations! It’s a bartender!

Being born in India is like being born with a head tag that reads out one’s career. Right when the baby drops out or sometimes even before the sperm has hit the egg, they are destined to become something. “Hey, I want to have kids” both the parents talk. But it’s a bit different here,Continue reading “Congratulations! It’s a bartender!”

The original sin!

The guiltiest pleasure there always has been sex. We shy away from the very notion of it. We try to behave very asexually, but the inner demon always shouts it out. You know you need it, you still think of it, but you feel guilty. Well, there is no need to be guilty of it.Continue reading “The original sin!”

Why do we exist? For what purpose?

What is the purpose? What is it that we are chasing? Our goals, desires and wanting, are they defining our purpose? When we were kids, “All I need is this video game, nothing else” we thought. But did we stop with the video game? If we finally grabbed it, the desire is achieved. A newContinue reading “Why do we exist? For what purpose?”