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Rape: Now Just A Statistic!

   India is a country of 1.38 Billion people which equals to 17.7% of the world’s population. Approximately 1/5th world population lives in India, as the population is vast, the laws and awareness of the situations must be… Read More

An echo of a dying squeal

“I was born in a shed, in a green grassy town. A man cleaned me the blood on me, and his wife cared for my mother. The man looked under my legs and smiled, looking at me. “Lakshmi”… Read More

megaphone speakers on wooden post

Awareness And The Crimes Caused By Lacking It.

By – Mourya Koundinya In the world of 7.2 billion people and counting, there are at least 7.2 billion perspectives on how to lead a life. Life in such a way that you enjoy your freedom and don’t… Read More

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