The Inner Demon

It howled at night in the pitch-black jungle. It wanted to spring upon its prey, Upon hearing the prayer. Oh! It was a calling. It possessed the man to commit the act. The possession is real, oh, it’s true! The urge is real, the thirst too. He’s a conniving man now! He turned towards theContinue reading “The Inner Demon”

The White Rose of Mary Garden

I belong to Mary garden,The garden of beautiful roses,Many are red, while one is white,The red roses thought the white is special,The white thought she didn’t have the colour,Every time we all grow a flower,The gardener comes to take us all over,He took many red, but didn’t chose me much,I thought I was not justContinue reading “The White Rose of Mary Garden”

Oh mighty hawk! Where did you go?

In the middle, in the middle Where did you go? Leaving me here, Oh, mighty hawk, where did you go? Come to me, come back. Oh, dear mighty hawk! For there is something at lack, Without your talk. Looking at the people, In their busy lives, I think I might tremble. Are you roaming withContinue reading “Oh mighty hawk! Where did you go?”

Learn poetry writing with these simple steps

Poetry, a beautiful form of writing which everyone adores, right? Sounds intellectual, feels lovely! Oh, what a wonder is a poetry! Oops! I started writing poetry by mistake 😃. Once one starts writing poetry it’s hard to stop. Because once we explore the beauty of poetry, it is hard to ignore. True that, who amContinue reading “Learn poetry writing with these simple steps”

If help, be it education!

Shining eyes, beautiful heart, there she was, With skin muddy and dress tidy walking towards me, Pit in her stomach and dirt in her nails, Yet all I could see was those shining eyes, With will and wish in her, she asked me something, I could have given her what she needed, I could haveContinue reading “If help, be it education!”

Quest and Crusade Of Manu, II

Chapter two: The dreamland Click here for the Chapter one of Quest and Crusade of Manu Manu walked towards the north as it was on the top.Soon he might end up with a pair of steps,that led him so top, to the skies and gods.Never did he rest, except to quench his thirst,meat he didContinue reading “Quest and Crusade Of Manu, II”

The shattered earth- Divided and unloved

By- Chandini Kola Why the borders? Why the hate? What do you hold in the crate? Why the blood in the perfumes of the wind? Why do you make us the bait? Why the lines of control as the end? When do we all liberate? Was this your idea of showing love? What should weContinue reading “The shattered earth- Divided and unloved”