The Inner Demon

It howled at night in the pitch-black jungle. It wanted to spring upon its prey, Upon hearing the prayer. Oh! It was a calling. It possessed the man to commit the act. The possession is real, oh, it’s true! The urge is real, the thirst too. He’s a conniving man now! He turned towards theContinue reading “The Inner Demon”

Utter Nonsense of a senseless mind

The mind is a wonder they say, but if they peeped into my mid, they would want to ignore. Because of the things I have in my mind, you will find it hard to call me names—these dangerous abstract images of chaos. I see people as stupid, and to be precise, cunts. Cunts who can’tContinue reading “Utter Nonsense of a senseless mind”

Donkey, Donkey; Old And Grey.

The guy that loves you might have hated someone and might be hated by someone. Our perception of people is an abstract idea of them formed through deduction and might end up being false. What is good, and What is bad? Who is a good person? Is a moral person good? If I belong toContinue reading “Donkey, Donkey; Old And Grey.”

The darker it DARK?

Sorry I am claustrophobicAnd that’s how I know I am stuckIn the built structure of this bodyI have been thinking all alongHow am I here at allWas I forcefully trapped into this?Or it is just another mistake by the universe?I have wandered through the worldAnd travelled through the skyNeither I found the escapeNor the answerContinue reading “The darker it DARK?”

Waste of sperm!

By the – Übermensch It was 23 years ago when that one sperm hit that one egg and a fusion of 23 x 23 chromosomes that had fertilised me. The journey was unbelievably painful. The questions I had in mind were always unanswerable. I remember asking why women have holes and men have poles. IContinue reading “Waste of sperm!”