The Birthday Surprise! (Part Two)

Murthy’s eyes are covered and couldn’t see anything, and feels that his body is moving in the air, someone is carrying him. He tries to fight back, but he couldn’t because he is tied. He is terrified and couldn’t understand what is happening and yells “help!” “Who are you?”. There are devil laughs around him,Continue reading “The Birthday Surprise! (Part Two)”

The Birthday Surprise! (Part One)

In the modern world where people talk by Instagram stories and share by WhatsApp and Facebook status, Murthy is a guy who prefers to communicate personally and listen to stories. The consequence of this is he is alone, and no one talks to him. He is the king of his universe. It was midnight onContinue reading “The Birthday Surprise! (Part One)”

The Pizza Box

This was supposed to be my short film and I remember how excited everyone was when I narrated this story. I couldn’t finish shooting the film, I lacked training then. But I decided to write it as a story for everyone that had supported me back then. I hope you like it. Modified and rewroteContinue reading “The Pizza Box”

Mystery of the night- I

It was a lovely evening for a run. The wind hitting in your face, the busy roads had gone silent & the city looked sparkling. Nate took a stroll around the town of lights for half an hour that night. On his way back home, he picked up flowers for Eva, his 18-year-old daughter &Continue reading “Mystery of the night- I”