Marriage. What a Useless Affair!

I sat in front of my computer, thinking about what to write for today. And I realised that it had been too long since I wrote about any contemporary issue. I have been avoiding new issues because I see people who exist in the modern world that refuse to accept that there is a problemContinue reading “Marriage. What a Useless Affair!”

NEITHER HIM NOR HER, they made it work

Ivra was getting the dinner ready for her folks. Aayan was on his way back home. He had a couple of errands to take care of for the dinner in order to make it a memorable one. Aayan’s parents had reached and they were overwhelmed to meet their pregnant daughter-in-law.Aayan reaches home with a surprise.Continue reading “NEITHER HIM NOR HER, they made it work”

Is Everyone Eligible To Marry And Have Kids?

By – Mourya Koundinya There are a few aspects which are not given much limelight but will create a significant impact and bigger implications. Such big that it may lead to depression and even ending a life in a few cases. The topic we have now is one of them. The problems may not beContinue reading “Is Everyone Eligible To Marry And Have Kids?”