A dive to remember, or not

It was so calm,I could feel the waves whisper to me;The birds calling my name;Coming back to the ocean always felt the same;It was like I was finally home! I was ready to discover the depths of the ocean;With a dive; I could feel it all;The silence & serenity;The colours of the corals;Oh! How muchContinue reading “A dive to remember, or not”

The Tale Of Honest “YES”

Present-day 2:00 AM: Nisha’s phone chimes as she receives a message. The message is from Munna.  Munna: “Hey! I want to meet you today at our regular place. Got to say something important.” Nisha reads the message, smiles and replies. Nisha: “Sure Mun. Is 4 PM, okay? Will the King in the North be outContinue reading “The Tale Of Honest “YES””

Will she ever miss me? – Final part

Its 4 am, it has been three days we broke up. I am unable to sleep. My minds play the moments I spent with her in repeat mode. Neither I can talk to her, nor I can move on from her. I have spent all these three days in my bedroom neither my parents knowContinue reading “Will she ever miss me? – Final part”

Will she ever miss me-Part 5

Suraj- Yes I am Suraj, who is this Aafreen– Hai Suraj, It’s Aafreen this side. Suraj- Who ?(voice stumbling) Aafreen- Suraj, I am Aafreen, CSE, your collegemate.  I did not believe it, and I don’t know why. How can this miracle happen? I was entirely in a trance for a few moments, and she was shouting my nameContinue reading “Will she ever miss me-Part 5”

Will she ever miss me-Part-4

She blocked me both virtually and in her real world.Its been two months. It’s not that I don’t miss Aafreen. Still, I gradually learnt that Life is a lengthy equation with different functions in it, including love. I felt forcing or convincing is not suitable for any relation. I just left to time that ifContinue reading “Will she ever miss me-Part-4”

A Tale of Moans and Grunts

“You have a brilliant voice”, “The modulation is perfect”, “You can try singing”, “You can be a good choir singer”, “You need the background to be a singer”, “You can’t dream big being born in a middle-class family”, “Why don’t you try dubbing and voice-overs for starters?”, “Do we have anything for her? She’s myContinue reading “A Tale of Moans and Grunts”

Will she ever miss me-Part-3

by- K Dada Hayath Click here for the first part! Click here for the second part! I messaged “I am in love with you, Aafreen, maybe love at first conscious sight.” When I just messaged this. Even though I felt lite when I messaged, but my mind got struck. I felt someone had pressed pauseContinue reading “Will she ever miss me-Part-3”

The Completed Poetry

Daniel, born in the country of love, Italy, was a man who never expressed how he feels directly. He loves rock music yet sticks to classic jazz. Daniel was a pleasant man with a smile that never fades. He loves the sunrise and doesn’t sleep till he saw it; he’s a night owl. Daniel isContinue reading “The Completed Poetry”

Not the cliched Lover – Best Friend story!

By – Gayatri It all started with friendship. Doesn’t it always? 😉 2008 – 8th class it was! The usual chattering, fun, teasing, and you know how the school is! 2008-2015 – We became the best of friends. It was a group of 6 best friends! Sounds like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, doesn’t it?  Well, it was somewhatContinue reading “Not the cliched Lover – Best Friend story!”

Will she ever miss me? – Part 2

I just shouted from the window” AAfreen.”once after shouting, I moved past the window, mingled in the group of other students. There came a girl with burkha started searching for me here and there, but I was hiding, blushing. There she was, Her face was shining like a diamond amid coal,Her eyes were blinking likeContinue reading “Will she ever miss me? – Part 2”