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Mama, What’s Happening?

He woke up to the smell of coconut oil. “Mama” he yelled in his sleep. His eyes are still shut but he feels irritated. He wants to sleep more but the coconut smell is irritating him. “Mama, stop” he yelled as he opened his eyes. There stood a beautiful lady who looked similar to hisContinue reading Mama, What’s Happening?

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Memories and senses of Samuel Sheraton

I can feel the smell, the smell of freshly baked dough. The sweet smell of dough is throughout the street; it makes my mouth water. I looked at the bakery, and the bakers are not open yet. Maybe they are preparing for today. I look up at the sky, and the sun has not risen.Continue reading Memories and senses of Samuel Sheraton

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Before death came – PAST LIFE REGRESSIOn

A girl with head ache attends past life regression. What did she find out?Continue reading Before death came – PAST LIFE REGRESSIOn

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Death came sooner than life

A little girl died, but what happened soon after her death?Continue reading Death came sooner than life


Sitting at my window, I was watchingthe stars; Waiting for the moon to go down, For the sun torise; To the eyes those were red, To the lips those were pale, To the wrist that was bleeding, To the bed that got wet, To the calm and restless wind, To the tomorrow without me, MyContinue reading CRIPPLED