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Memories and senses of Samuel Sheraton

I can feel the smell, the smell of freshly baked dough. The sweet smell of dough is throughout the street; it makes my mouth water. I looked at the bakery, and the bakers are not open yet. Maybe they are preparing for today. I look up at the sky, and the sun has not risen.Continue reading Memories and senses of Samuel Sheraton

Congratulations! You got it at last!

Hey pals, so still stuck at a point where you are being judged? or finding it hard to place yourselves at a point in life? No worries, we are here to brighten up your day. Don’t worry, we are not selling any products for you, neither asking time if you have time for the Lord,Continue reading Congratulations! You got it at last!

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Utter Nonsense of a senseless mind

The mind is a wonder they say, but if they peeped into my mid, they would want to ignore. Because of the things I have in my mind, you will find it hard to call me names—these dangerous abstract images of chaos. I see people as stupid, and to be precise, cunts. Cunts who can’tContinue reading Utter Nonsense of a senseless mind

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Death came sooner than life

A little girl died, but what happened soon after her death?Continue reading Death came sooner than life

Life…All about Equating the uncertainties

Life…..It’s like a leap of faith;Where uncertainty awaits;Where we don’t know what tomorrow brings;or how is it that our life swings. What we have with us is – today;Whether it’s black, white or grey.It’s all about how we balance the situation;And the right application of any equation. To add happiness;& minus the sadness;To divide theContinue reading Life…All about Equating the uncertainties

The Shenanigan Of Life

According to science, the probability of a human being born is one in 400 trillion! That is a pretty huge number and very rare probability. According to evolution, The first human ancestors appeared between five million and seven million years ago, and the present sized brain was formed 130,000 years ago. We used brain toContinue reading The Shenanigan Of Life

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The darker it DARK?

Waste of sperm!

Knowing that it is endless, I choose to run in the wheel! Chasing nothing, just giving my comrades a company in their chase. I’m running holding hands of the people who believe in the chase. I’m guiding them towards their closure which I know doesn’t exist. In this world that doesn’t entertain me, What IContinue reading Waste of sperm!