Donkey, Donkey; Old And Grey.

The guy that loves you might have hated someone and might be hated by someone. Our perception of people is an abstract idea of them formed through deduction and might end up being false. What is good, and… Read More

men dont cry

Don’t let ‘man up’ weigh you down

All I want to ask you today is,Every time you are asked to man up;Every time you are asked to be strong;Don’t you feel like giving them one with a gong? You are asked to take all the… Read More

In the name of shame!

By – Gayatri Agarwal 10/10 in communication skills 10/10 in studies 10/10 in the ramp walk An all-rounder they said. But being dark was not a criterion for the college queen. That kind of a fat body is… Read More

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