Law or flaw?Judiciary or is some kind of a mockery?To the brother who’s serving a life sentence;for the crime he did not do;That night will forever be of repentance. The mother who taught him how to walk;Has got such a shock;Half of her body is permanently into shock The father who gifted him his firstContinue reading “WHEN LAW TURNED TO FLAW”

Harappan civilization, THE Ancient Indian culture

India, a country which is rich in its heritage and culture. Thinking about Indian history, my mind quickly jumps into the ancient urban civilizations of India, one of which is Indus Valley civilization or Harappan civilization. Indus Valley Civilization- It dated back in 7000-600 BC. It was first found in Harappa in Punjab region inContinue reading “Harappan civilization, THE Ancient Indian culture”

Marriage. What a Useless Affair!

I sat in front of my computer, thinking about what to write for today. And I realised that it had been too long since I wrote about any contemporary issue. I have been avoiding new issues because I see people who exist in the modern world that refuse to accept that there is a problemContinue reading “Marriage. What a Useless Affair!”

To the glory of Kargil

With immense strength in heart;& unmatched bravery  being their art;They marched on for two months;Always stood on the fronts;Facing the fire from every acre;For they thought they were the Nation’s caretakers. Have you ever seen heroes?Yes, they are on the borders day and night;Always ready for a fight.1999 was a year of pride;527 families wereContinue reading “To the glory of Kargil”