Quest and Crusade of Manu, III

Chapter three: Confrontation with the demon Click here for Quest and Crusade of Manu, Chapter One Click here for Quest and Crusade of Manu, Chapter Two Manas walked back as Manu saw a shadow.Gulping his fear, he remained unmoved,even when the shadow grew bigger and clear.Never did he closehis eyes, they were so open.Out cameContinue reading “Quest and Crusade of Manu, III”

Quest and Crusade of Manu

Chapter one: The storm that killed innocence The pyre was lit,and he was walking around the people,who gathered around the fire;while his father, the priest preached and yelled.The cries of a soul that only he heard.Never did he got used to the smell of human flesh.He is pure as white clouds and soft as cowContinue reading “Quest and Crusade of Manu”

The day of rationing-the ideal construct of humanity

By- Chandini Kola “Today is Friday. We must prepare for the rationing. People will come flowing like water in the ocean. Are we ready?” God asked his Prophets. “We have made the arrangements as per your instructions master,” Prophet replied. “Have you checked if all our priests are ready?” God asked. “They have always been,Continue reading “The day of rationing-the ideal construct of humanity”