Feminism: The Vital Need Of The Hour.

There was a lot of discussion on feminism in the world. Many opinions don’t agree with the basic definition of feminism. The basic definition of feminism is gender neutrality, irrespective of any gender everyone should have equal rights in everything. It is okay when people do not know the meaning of any word, or can’tContinue reading “Feminism: The Vital Need Of The Hour.”

Let them be them-the gift of all colours

By – Gayatri Agarwal Girls for Girls; Or Boys for Boys; Who are we to make their choice? Boys can like pink,  Girls can love blue; It’s the 21st century  So why is it still sort of treachery? In solidarity we must stand; With support to every hand. Let’s celebrate the beauty of every colour;Continue reading “Let them be them-the gift of all colours”