YOU: The Symbolic Life.

On a Thursday morning, I woke up to the sound of my alarm. Then I picked up the most loyal partner I ever had for two years, my phone and checked for notifications. I made my bed and went to the hall. I saw my mother doing her chores. As soon as she saw me,Continue reading YOU: The Symbolic Life.

Elements For Writing A Fiction Using Real Incidents.

Fiction is one of the most prominent forms of story writings. It is also one of the predominant and one of the oldest forms of writing. In general, most of the movies and series are based on fiction. Fictional writing can be described as a story meant to entertain or carry an author’s point. InContinue reading Elements For Writing A Fiction Using Real Incidents.

various colorful threads hanging on rail in workshop

The Thread shop

The muddy smell, Rushy road, and stinky drains, it is the rainy season already! Dad and I opened the shutter of our thread shop. Nagaraj uncle didn’t come yet to open his butcher shop. Seems like it will take time for him. As soon as we open the shutter, the smell of thread touches ourContinue reading The Thread shop

The Twist Of Adoration.

Aakash is excited to visit his grandmothers after a long time and is waiting for his train to arrive. The train after a 20-minute delay finally arrives, and he gets in. Aakash is looking for a seat, and finally, a finds a chair beside a beautiful looking girl and gets love at first sight feels.Continue reading The Twist Of Adoration.

man wearing black headset

When The Dream Is Better Than Reality.

“Yes sir, I’m glad that you liked the interface, I will even send the source code if you want. No sir I don’t expect you to code, I just want to make sure you get everything. Sir, please! Don’t abuse, I’m sorry. Yes without you we are nothing. Thank you sir. Please do contact usContinue reading When The Dream Is Better Than Reality.