honest love

Honest Love Recital Of My Heart!

In a world full of fake people using others, I prefer people who are truthful and show honest love. It was a tiresome Friday and I finished my work.  The weekend is kicking in, not that I have… Read More

low angle photography of two roseate spoonbill flying under the blue sky

Take me along, let’s fly away

Take me along with you, You and I are right here; Wishing all the luck to me, Some solace and peace; I wanna walk by your side, I am tired of the solitude; I wanna shed all my… Read More

woman in white long sleeve shirt

The secret thought of my heart!

Should I kiss you back or should I not, Guess this is just a curse, just a wrath; Should I tell you this or just hold the thought, Because you and I are made to be apart; Is… Read More

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