Learn poetry writing with these simple steps

Poetry, a beautiful form of writing which everyone adores, right? Sounds intellectual, feels lovely! Oh, what a wonder is a poetry! Oops! I started writing poetry by mistake 😃. Once one starts writing poetry it’s hard to stop. Because once we explore the beauty of poetry, it is hard to ignore. True that, who amContinue reading “Learn poetry writing with these simple steps”

Quest and Crusade of Manu, The Final Crusade

Chapter four : The Realisation Manu wore the wolf’s pelt as an achievement.With a single arm and scars on neck,no one was to mess with him.He passed many travellers, saw many tribes.He rode on a lot of lands and stopped at many tribes.He saw their fears, listened to their gods.He ran into people who hadContinue reading “Quest and Crusade of Manu, The Final Crusade”

Quest and Crusade of Manu, III

Chapter three: Confrontation with the demon Click here for Quest and Crusade of Manu, Chapter One Click here for Quest and Crusade of Manu, Chapter Two Manas walked back as Manu saw a shadow.Gulping his fear, he remained unmoved,even when the shadow grew bigger and clear.Never did he closehis eyes, they were so open.Out cameContinue reading “Quest and Crusade of Manu, III”