So What? After All, It Is A Girl.

A woman gets pregnant and goes to a doctor,The woman doesn’t know that her husband is a monster.He insists on knowing the gender of the fetus,If it is a girl child, the regret will be instantaneous. The doctor… Read More

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The Gamble Of Precious Lives.

The ongoing discussion in India is about JEE and NEET exams. As there is a pandemic around the world, people have divided themselves on conducting or postponing the exams. But are we debating on the correct premise? Let’s… Read More

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Awareness And The Crimes Caused By Lacking It.

By – Mourya Koundinya In the world of 7.2 billion people and counting, there are at least 7.2 billion perspectives on how to lead a life. Life in such a way that you enjoy your freedom and don’t… Read More

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