The Inner Demon

It howled at night in the pitch-black jungle. It wanted to spring upon its prey, Upon hearing the prayer. Oh! It was a calling. It possessed the man to commit the act. The possession is real, oh, it’s true! The urge is real, the thirst too. He’s a conniving man now! He turned towards theContinue reading “The Inner Demon”

One Last Puff

Just this one time, one more puff before I come clean;Now, I have been saying this to myself from ages and years.Soon the days became years and the years became aeons,But the never-ending desire to want more remained.The wanting of one last puff! The haunting of one more puff! The night has come, and theContinue reading “One Last Puff”

Quest and Crusade of Manu, III

Chapter three: Confrontation with the demon Click here for Quest and Crusade of Manu, Chapter One Click here for Quest and Crusade of Manu, Chapter Two Manas walked back as Manu saw a shadow.Gulping his fear, he remained unmoved,even when the shadow grew bigger and clear.Never did he closehis eyes, they were so open.Out cameContinue reading “Quest and Crusade of Manu, III”