Paranoia Unlock!

It has been four months since I have seen the daylight. My skin has gone pale, and my eyes have gotten used to less light. The pandemic has taken a significant toll on me. I kept myself locked inside my bunker of a house. The doors only open when my groceries are delivered. My livingContinue reading “Paranoia Unlock!”


By – Mourya Koundinya As we all are aware, the world is fighting a pandemic which is a virus named under Coronavirus or SARS COVID-19, which started in Wuhan, China in November 2019. The current cases in the world (as of the date of this article), stands at 11.3 million. In which 6.11 million haveContinue reading “CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) A PANDEMIC FAILED TO DEFEAT HUMAN STUPIDITY”

My family is banned and here is the reason!

By – Samitha Dulam Yes!!! My name is TIK TOK. My 58 family members, along with me are banned from INDIA and said so many reasons for it. Here is the list of my family members Shareit Kwai UC Browser Baidu map Shein Clash of Kings DU battery saver Helo Like YouCam makeup Mi CommunityContinue reading “My family is banned and here is the reason!”