first date

Come and Date, the winter is here!

Desire to Date Eager to explore me, I set foot into the world. I seek myself in reflections of other people. It is a trial and error method that I follow to know me. I explore people, see what they are and understand the differences between them and me. And that’s how I get toContinue reading Come and Date, the winter is here!

The Tale Of Honest “YES”

Present-day 2:00 AM: Nisha’s phone chimes as she receives a message. The message is from Munna.  Munna: “Hey! I want to meet you today at our regular place. Got to say something important.” Nisha reads the message, smiles and replies. Nisha: “Sure Mun. Is 4 PM, okay? Will the King in the North be outContinue reading The Tale Of Honest “YES”

We all have been there

Few situations everyone go throuhg it in their relationships.Continue reading We all have been there

Not the cliched Lover – Best Friend story!

By – Gayatri It all started with friendship. Doesn’t it always? ūüėČ 2008 – 8th class it was! The usual chattering, fun, teasing, and you know how the school is! 2008-2015 ‚Äď We became the best of friends. It was a group of 6 best friends! Sounds like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, doesn’t it?  Well, it was somewhatContinue reading Not the cliched Lover – Best Friend story!

Will she ever miss me? – Part 2

I just shouted from the window” AAfreen.”once after shouting, I moved past the window, mingled in the group of other students. There came a girl with burkha started searching for me here and there, but I was hiding, blushing. There she was, Her face was shining like a diamond amid coal,Her eyes were blinking likeContinue reading Will she ever miss me? – Part 2

Hold On!

By – Samhitha Dulam At the times when I thought people¬†can’t¬†be¬†together¬†and could quickly leave each other just by saying a phrase¬†“we can’t do this¬†any more.”,”we aren’t meant to be.”,”It’s all over.”¬†and many more. I¬†heard¬†this through the¬†darkness. My love!!! If you can, please¬†HOLD ON; We have to make sweet¬†memories,¬† As sweet as¬†Rasgullas, that you always loved!!!Continue reading Hold On!