A Bittersweet Heart

Alarm rang at 12:00 AM I woke up and saw myself in the mirror curiously. For my disappointment, I don’t see any difference at all. I look the same as ever. Why does everyone make a big deal when they turn 18 then? I don’t get the hype. Tears started flowing like there was someContinue reading “A Bittersweet Heart”

Compressed Room, Outburst Of Feelings.

I’m sitting in my small compressed room,But my thoughts are going like boom.Scrolling through texts on my phone,Feeling like I’m in a place I don’t own. I have a lot of emotions and want to share,I really doubt that anyone would care.I feel numb and start thinking of what is next,After a while, my phoneContinue reading “Compressed Room, Outburst Of Feelings.”

Sam, and his confession.

By – Mourya Koundinya Sam was alone,Went to a saloon,To get the hair coloured maroon, Sam was calm,Barber was warm.Gave him a seat,Tucked him neat. Sam was sad,Barber asked what was bad.Sam said nothing.But there sure was something. Barber started doing the hair,There was grim in the air.There was sadness in Sam’s face,Barber didn’t knowContinue reading “Sam, and his confession.”