In the last article, we have learnt the concept of “Particle Physics”. In this article, lets study the concept of “Kardashev Scale.” We as a human race has faced many disasters and calamities. Natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, volcanos etc., Therefore, it is safe to assume that our ancestors have struggled a lot. There areContinue reading “SIMPLE UNDERSTANDING OF THE COMPLEX UNIVERSE PART-10.”

Harappan civilization, THE Ancient Indian culture

India, a country which is rich in its heritage and culture. Thinking about Indian history, my mind quickly jumps into the ancient urban civilizations of India, one of which is Indus Valley civilization or Harappan civilization. Indus Valley Civilization- It dated back in 7000-600 BC. It was first found in Harappa in Punjab region inContinue reading “Harappan civilization, THE Ancient Indian culture”