“Yes, I suffered !

I faked my smile for an unknown reason!

I am not so happy for what I am!

Hated myself for how I look!

And Yes, I’m not ok with my curves and tone!”

This is how many girls think about themselves irrespective of how they are reflected. And these thoughts have been rolling up in most of the girl minds from ages. One such idea is reflected in one of the best paintings called “GIRL BEFORE A MIRROR” by Picasso.

This painting talks about reflections of self; how she sees herself versus how others see her; or the duality of our natures. There are so many levels you can use to prompt creativity and critical thinking about Picasso’s paintings. The woman in the art is Marie-Therese Walter, Picasso’s youthful mistress and favoured model in the 1930s.

Picasso reflected her both in profile and frontally as she peers into a mirror that reflects as a woman she is not. We can see a beautiful pregnant woman with charm and round breasts who is looking at her reflection in the mirror, which appears as her future reflection. In her reflection in the mirror, she sees that her body is aged and she is not very happy about it. The reflection shows a different woman than the appearance, who is dark and morbid; vanity and despair; somber and sad; grief and pain; darkness and crying for hope- a hope where she could be brought out of all her miseries. Some descriptions also say that the woman before the mirror is what everyone sees, and her reflection shows how she actually felt inside, the pain she is hiding from everyone.

“Girl Before a Mirror” by Picasso is one of the most thoughtful painting, and a very few get the whole meaning right away. To know about the art, we have to look deeper and deeper inside the artwork to get the real sense. At times when I look at Picasso’s paintings, I start imagining things that aren’t there, and that’s precisely what Picasso does in his paintings.


Well, this is how I illustrated my view on this art. The girl looks so beautiful, yet she is making it complicated by her thoughts while looking at her reflection. I find this particular painting is more relevant in today’s world. Because many people, especially women, see themselves as being uglier, for they find themselves unable to attain the falsely imposed standards. And here is my take for you:

Why should one be worried about curves; when they have achieved to the best in a curvy life,

Why should one be worried about wrinkles; when they have a beautiful smile on the face,

Why should one be worried about loosing skin tone; when they have the brightness got from happiness,

Why should one be worried about growing old; when they have got a handful of memories to cherish,

Why should one be worried about how others judge them by their looks; when they got the best soul,

Why should one be worried about stretch marks after pregnancy; when they have the best moments to cherish with the kids,

Why my girl, why?

We don’t have to. After all, we have got one life, and we need to live it the fullest. If not what’s the point of living for many years! Admire yourself with what you have, be happy and thankful for being a unique and beautiful creation.
You are not born to live in the standards of others but to live the life where you set your standards, which defines your worth.

It just takes few minutes to embrace yourself and love yourself. But trust me when you LOVE your soul and don’t give a damn on shitty things, you will have the best moments to cherish for a longer time.

New sites are launching each day, and every day, there is a competition that is growing online. To overcome this competition, one needs to be a step ahead with new SEO trends. SEO strategy is now the most important thing of digital marketing for the websites to top the position of Google search.

To help you crack the competition, we have come up with nine simple digital marketing trends that can help you improve SEO of your website.

1. Mobile-friendly website for ranking-

A site that doesn’t have a mobile-friendly UX (User interface) may lose the vast majority of its clients. As innovation in how individuals discover data through their cell phones is increasing that it’s insufficient to have a versatile site simply.

According to the Google algorithm, MobileGeddon, your pages must be improved for mobile phones to rank higher. Also, remember that the higher your Google ranking, the more visibility your page gains.

mobile friendly experience

2. Snippets over more search-

Every year Google comes up with new ideas to ease the search experience for people. This year ‘position 0’ is where Google is focussing on, i.e., featured snippets.  They generally appear above the first organic search result. Try to provide clear answers in the FAQs of your website, which helps you gain more clicks than before as your website will appear in the snippet. Do you know that 54.68% of clicks are generated from snippets?

Try including more relevant and engaging content that attracts readers to click.

3. Influencer marketing-

Since 2018 marketers have increased investment in influencers as people are more likely to find interest in products endorsed by influencers. As backlinking is one of the best strategies in ranking the website, you can ask your influencers to create content that can be backlinked to your site.

4. Make sure you create a secure website-

User safety is one of the most important things that need to be considered while designing a website. If your user doesn’t feel safe or sees a not secure warning on the website, he is sure to leave the site as quickly as possible. Enable Https Protocol to your website, which gives a secure connection.  

secure website for user friendly experience

5. Voice search-

With the developing utilization of mobiles, voice search is turning into a mainstream pattern among web searches. These enquiries are not exclusively done on phones. However, they can likewise be performed on voice associates, for example, the Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart TV, Voice Pod, and many others.

Realizing how you can streamline your site for voice search can assist you with producing organic traffic.

voice search optimization

6. Video ads-

Studies from Google and different associations show that 6 out of 10 individuals would prefer to watch online videos than TV. From various perspectives, it appears that YouTube has now become the new TV. A quality video can draw in a massive audience.

To engage more individuals with your videos, you have to advance it for search audience. To do this, the proper utilization of keywords in the portrayal and feature of your video ensures that the video arrives at the most significant number of individuals who are keen regarding that matter.

7. CTR and Dwell Time-

As individuals become acclimated online and data readily available, click-through rates(CTR) and dwell time will matter much more to the SEO goals.

The two measurements are important as they show an exceptional understanding of the online visitor. The time allotment that somebody waits on a page can coincidentally let you know how interested they are in your content. The additional time spent on a page demonstrates how fulfilled an individual is in finding what they are searching for.

One thing to note in SEO is that the dwell time is different from CTR.

8. High-Quality Content-

Online promotions work highly for driving business, yet we’ll see that they’ll get much costly in the coming years. Also, sadly, there’s no assurance that clients will react to your promotions. That’s the biggest reason making top-notch content is an essential component of successful SEO techniques. The audience needs content that is significant, useful, and informative. People head to search engines with questions, and your website page needs to convey answers.

Content must be full-fledged and follow a structure that makes it simple to explore and peruse. Useful and quality articles are the main kind of content that will grow a site’s prevalence in 2020 and the past. Online customers rush to distinguish and disregard pages or blog articles that are too sale-sy. As indicated by the Economist Group’s “Coming up short” Report, “71% of perusers state they were not interested in reading the content that appears to be an attempt to sell something.”

What individuals need is informative content conveyed to them in a simple to process structures, for example, blog entries, videos, digital broadcasts, infographics, and so on. We, as one of the top digital marketing agencies in India, ensure to write high-quality content for our clients.

9. Excellent Digital Experience-

If your website page has complex UI, the visitors will find it unlikely to visit.

It’s demonstrated that the audience leaves a site page if it doesn’t load quickly. Even a few seconds of delay in page loading time can bring about a tremendous error for your business.

When you improve your page speed, you additionally should concentrate on the client experience. Website map ought to be coherent and clear. Try to not utilize words or language that is complex to your audience. While you might think something is imaginative or smart, you need to imagine your audience’s perspective. Would they understand what you mean in a brief moment? If not, they’ll leave your page and come back to the SERP.

We, as one of the best digital marketing agencies in India design sites, to make it easy for users to understand with clear UI.

Search engine optimization(SEO) is fundamental today for every organization. It is not only about using keywords but also about optimizing the content. It is all about easing the users’ experience and creating relevant content that helps your website to rank higher. If you need help in digital marketing regarding SEO, feel free to contact us.

“Hey! Anitha,

I am pleased to inform you that you are going to get all the good luck soon!

Do you know? I have been dreaming about you for three days now. We don’t even know each other, but I saw visions about you in my dreams. You were happy, rich and filled with the treasure of everything you ever wanted in your life. I was so pleased to see it.

Then I thought Anitha; this vision came to me for a reason. It found me so that I can make it possible for you to receive the fortune ultimately. This is yours, Anitha. You deserve it, all of it and I am here to make it possible for you to receive it on time—enough of the bad and sad days you had. You are in debt of money, and this fortune can lead you to the happiest part of your life. Imagine what all you can do with the money and wealth. You can build a mountain. You will soon receive a check Anitha. All you have to do is accept my invitation and request to connect with you. Click here to read the full message. I am here to help. Please let me take you to your good fortune.”

Ben: Mary, please send this message to given e-mail Ids. But do not forget to change the name of the person. I have just written this one as an example. Also do not forget to add the CTA(Call to action) as Connect with me personally and get the complete wealth at just 20$.

Mary: But Ben, the same message for everyone, do you think it will work?

Ben: I am quite sure of the idiocy of people, Mary.

Mary: How are you so sure about it?

Ben: Okay. I will tell you a small story.

“This story happened a few years back. There was a girl who was in search of job and money. She was very desperate about getting settled. Though she applied for many jobs, sadly, she didn’t get calls from good companies. The girl used to check her mailbox every day in the hope of a call from a good company. She even asked many friends for help. One day, in conversation with a friend, she said, “Man! I am not getting any job. I got so many awards and so much appreciation while I was at college. But I don’t know what happened to me now!” The guy replied, “Hey! Why don’t you go to a fortune teller so that he can help you get some good luck?”

She doubtfully asked, “Do you think that can help?” He said, “Of course! See, I wasn’t feeling well last year, and my mom took me to a fortune teller, and he said that I would be fine this year and gave me this stone of luck. Look, I am fine now!” So the girl agreed and started searching for fortune-tellers online. She saw something called ‘Christin fortune telling-Get your luck spell for exams, career, life, marriage, love, sex and money.’ When she opened that site, she saw a questionnaire and after filling that she got her spell. She tried it for a few days, but it didn’t seem to work. One day morning, she woke up dizzy and opened her mailbox. And her eyes suddenly started glowing. There it was! The e-mail she was looking for. 

“Eureka! You won billions of money. Just get in contact with me, and this complete money can be yours for sure. All I want is for you to have this luck and all you need to give me is just 10$.” The girl started screaming in joy, and she replied back immediately. She checked out the amount and came in contact with the fortune teller. The fortune-teller asked her to do a few things on a daily basis to be able to win that amount. The girl agreed and listened to whatever the fortune teller had to say. Each day in desperation and hope, she kept doing whatever has been said to her and years passed by.”

Mary: Oh, my God! What happened to that girl later? Did she get the money?

Ben: You didn’t ask the girls’ name, by the way!?

Mary: Yes! Who is it? And how do you know all this?

Ben: It is the girl that’s standing in front of you right now; it is me.

Mary: Whhhhhhhaaaat!? Seriously?

Ben: Yes. Sadly or LUCKILY!

Mary: Can’t believe it. By the way, what was your friends’ health condition that was treated?

Ben: Oh! That fellow had anaemia.

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