Many of us have these question Why is that ends up with “n” number of additional questions! But in precise, I’m going to tell you “why we got to rush for AI.”

Artificial Intelligence, mostly known as AI, is the simulation of human intelligence by devices. In precise, it is the method by which devices demonstrate certain aspects of human intelligence like reasoning, learning, self- correction. Since its commencement, it has shown unprecedented growth. Artificial Intelligence has undoubtedly been a prime entity in today’s world, and it has demonstrated a robust exponential growth throughout. Innovations like Tesla’s Autopilot, Google’s DeepMind, Virtual assistants Siri, Alexa, Cortana are the best examples of the future scope of AI.

Here are some fields where AI can change the future to best:

Artificial Intelligence in Data Analysis

AI is the new engine which is driven by the best fuel called DATA. It is originating some companies to success and devising creative and economical solutions to most of the problems. It would profit immensely if the potential of AI is used to detect patterns and trends that are invisible to the mundane eye. In simple, this enables business’ to target the right customers for the product.

In 2019 alone AI, along with data analysisdrove almost $2.2 trillion worth of value worldwide. If the stakes are this huge, the role of AI in deriving meaningful insights, trends and patterns become vital.

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

Here is a fact, the world needs to produce over 30% of its current production in just another 15 years. Thoughtful planning of resources along with AI, will help the farmers grow sustainable production while managing resources actively. Considering factors such as climate change, reduction in water resources, decrease in cultivating land, population growth, AI has enormous potential to provide innovative answers to improve the crop yield during the year to meet the increasing demands.

The future scope of AI involves usage of robots to assist in crop health disclosure, reaping and soil analysis which ensures positive outcomes in the long term.

Nowadays, smartphones are used to perform a wide variety of analytics and tests in the field of agriculture. If that paired with AI, the chances are endless with tremendous potential.

Artificial Intelligence in Automation

The application of automating rule-based works using machine learning is called Robotic Process Automation(RPA). As the scope of AI is immense, growth in automation is directly proportional to automating the tasks in a diverse number of fields. We can forecast a high amount of productivity by making use of AI in daily jobs, holding the high efficiency and throughput of automation.

Automation helps humans’ to focus on the crucial aspects of their jobs while leaving the repetitive work to machines as we all know it can coverup the risky jobs like welding, working in coal mines, bomb diffusion etc.

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

With the tremendous growth in the availability of the Internet everywhere to everyone, cyber-attacks are growing in the same. In today’s world safety and privacy of one’s data is the most concerned, and from many years, cybersecurity is the answer for it. Even though there are rigid and approved methodologies in usage, hackers always find a workaround. Novel AI techniques like Recurrent Neural Networks can detect fraud in initial stages. This detection method will be able to scan thousands of transactions spontaneously and organise them. By which one can save lots of time as it focuses on cases where there is a high possibility for the scam.

Why should you be certified in AI:

Over the last 2years, there is a 60% increase in demand for AI learning experts in the industry. Also in India, the growth in the size of this sector is estimated up to $16 billion by 2025. Considering this as the central aspect many companies/industries feel that the shortage of skilled people is lessening the adoption of AI in business which makes a massive impact of loss in future.

With the lockdown to combat the deadly Covid-19 students and professionals have lots of time in their hands. To utilize this time productively, several people are looking for resources to upskill themselves. Considering this here are some suggested courses that will help you in mastering the AI course from scratch.

1) Introduction to Neural-Networks and Deep Learning by Great Learning :

 This course requires learners to have essential knowledge of Python, linear regression, logistic regression, and introductory algebra. This course covers different aspects of neural networks such as loss functions, hyperparameter tuning, deep neural networks, batch normalization, tensor flow and so on.

Duration: 15 Hours.

Website Link: 

2) IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate by Coursera:

 To master fundamental concepts of deep learning and machine learning can undertake this course. Six courses are offered under this professional certificate like machine learning with Python, deep neural networks with PyTorch, scalable machine learning on big data using Apache Spark, AI Data Science, etc.

Website Link: 

3) Introduction to AI for Business by Udemy :

This course provides an overview of what predictive data analytics are, which AI software is available, and how can they enhance the business performance and also about how Microsoft is using this technology. Moreover, it’s free of cost!

Duration: 1Hour

Website Link: 

4) AI technologies for Business Planning and Decision Making by FutureLearn:

This course helps you to learn how AI technology and AI processes help businesses with both human and automated business planning and decision-making. This course comes with free of cost as well.

Duration: 6 Hours

Website Link:

5) AI for Everyone by Edx:

This course covers the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and its application to solve real-world problems including, search, constraint satisfaction problems games, machine learning, logic etc. It also helps to solve the real AI problems using python and perform machine learning algorithms.

Duration: 108 Hours

Website Link: 

6) Elements of AI by Reaktor and the University of Helsinki:

This program can be taken by anyone interested in AI as there is no complicated math or programming involved in it. It covers the basics of artificial intelligence and enables you to learn what is possible, what is not, and helps you to recognise how AI is transforming our lives.

Duration: 30 Hours

Website Link: 

My suggestion to all the folks:

After the completion of Lockdown, it becomes so hard to find a job. The main reason for it is well known – many have lost their jobs, and as usual, many graduates have come out with degrees alone! So when you go for an interview, obviously they will question you about what have you learnt in this lockdown period. If you say the same answer like before “I know programming, scripting, java, c++ etc, etc.; without a doubt, they say NO to you. So it’s better to be prepared with some new technologies in hand before hearing that big NO for the recruiter.

Web Series worth a try in Lockdown

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I know that many of us are feeling bored in your free time during the lockdown. I know that many of you completed many web series. Might you be facing trouble in choosing the series, right? These are my suggestions for you.



Genre- Drama, Thriller Where to Watch- Netflix, Amazon Prime

Suits is the American web series which is filled with drama, bromance, romance and more about the powerplay. A lawyer hires a junior lawyer as his assistant, but he is a fraud. every episode turns out to be a new challenge and how the lead tackles the challenge is an interesting thing to watch



Genre- Sci-fi, Thriller Where to Watch- Amazon Prime

Just imagine a group of geniuses become a team that tackles the problems of the world. The fun part is that even though there IQ is high, but EQ is low. Do you want to find what EQ is? Watch Scorpion. People who love brain teasers this is one of the best I have watched. Give it a try.


upload series

Genre- Sci-fi, Comedy Where to Watch- Amazon Prime

I don’t know why this webseries has not gained popularity. The picturization of the future in this series is extraordinary. You can see how artificial intelligence can be advanced in human life. In a single word, it’s all about ” Life after death”. I am eagerly waiting for the next season.


jamtara series

Genre- Crime, Action Where to Watch- Netflix

Most underrated Indian web series. It’s based on real crime incidents. It’s all about how few youngsters from a remote village can deceive the people and get money. Raw and different. actors in the series nailed their roles



Genre- Comedy, Drama Where to Watch- Amazon Prime

In my opinion, i think panchayath got popularity but not as expected. A very feel-good series. Director portrayed the life of remote villages in India and administrative problems in a humorous way. Indian ace web series actor Jitender Kumar played the lead. ” jeetu bhaiya key liye toh ek baar bantha hai.”
{If you want to know about jeetu bhaiya, search about jeetu bhaiya motivational speech in youtube)


house of cards series

Genre- Drama, Thriller Where to Watch- Amazon Prime

Let me admit frankly, I have seen the series in bits. But I can say it’s about the lady power. a lady will come into power after his husband death and game of political chairs for power begins. Worth a try

"Please give a try and comment your opinion below"

are we killing ourselves with our lifestyle?

sedentary lifestyle
couch potato

There was a time where we used to hunt the animals, walk miles and stay without food for in those days effected humankind and nature in the right way. You also might have heard that our ancestors used to manual grind all the curry powders. They were in joint families with big houses. I need not remind you of chores.

In India, out of 3 people, one person is prone to diabetes. The biggest reason for diabetes is the sedentary lifestyle and eating habits. In India, 1 out of 2 women is prone to low bone density.

“Sitting is new smoking”

Have you heard about the quote “sitting is new smoking”? sitting in a chair can cause many diseases related to spine and heart. Question yourself ” How many days has it been without playing sports.” The biggest crime we are doing is we are habituating the kids ( below ten years) with mobile phones. Unfortunately we are forcing the future generation in the meaning less run chase of the world .

People are mending into a mindset where they are seeking approval for happiness. you cant be happy unless the picture of yours cant have expected likes.

Do we have a solution? Yes, we have.

  • I don’t know how sports has been emitted out from our lifestyle. Please don’t give mobile phones to kids to play. Spend your time with kids play with them. You may need to go for a boring walk. Outdoor sports should be habituated at the age of 7-10 years; then their body helps to grow.
  • Tell your maid to come for half of the month. Share the chores with your partner for half of the month. See how your romance blossoms.
  • Don’t sit on couches at home. Sit on the floor in any yoga asana, which is comfortable for you. 
  • Instead of going to restaurants and movies on weekends, Plan a picnic for mountain hiking or swimming. 

Choices makes charecter

At last, all I can say ” its all about choices we make”. Our lifestyle shouldn’t be defined by the materialistic possessions and bank balance. It’s time to think what better can be given to our future generations else money.

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