By- Chandini Kola

Are we in the conspiracies of the universe,

Are we lying to each other;

Jolting the emotions into the crowd of worse,

Did we dazzle in the chaos forever;

Counted we all, the days to apocalypse,

What did we do that all for;

Giggled to the feelings avoiding the concourse,

Thinking that we played it clever;

Audacious we turn in the discourse,

When matters pulled up to the tower;

Deities we believe when fallen into coerce,

Human is just a mayflower;

Blame is to everyone for averse,

Devoid of all odds, why not stay together?….


Greetings, beholder! What you are about to view in this blog, are not the things we “had” to share, they are the things which we “want” to, not the things which we “should” share, but the things which we “can”. Presenting you; “few meaningful lines from the heart, few vulnerable memes from the humour, your interest in our article and our interest in your vision, histories of those your taste buds crave, innuendos on how to slay, enrouting your house to home, gossips in the hall of fame, things which need to be admired and many of those which keep your brain wired”.

That’s not all, we have something else for you!

Back in the old days, we had Aesop’s Fables to quench the thirst of our ears. We had Arabian Nights to dream about. We had been audience to the greatest stories ever narrated. Somewhere quenching our own thirsts, didn’t we ever feel like sharing it? We all have tales and fables to tell. But sometimes we might not be able to pack our thoughts in to the flow of words and the stories remain unnarrated. How about letting us create an image to the stories buried deep down inside you? Let’s bring back the old days by telling stories to each other. Let’s build a guild. Lets paint this blog with the colors of our impressions.

Mail us your story line on and bring entourage to your thoughts.

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