With the world growing at a rapid pace, it is important to keep ourselves updated. It is very crucial to know what is going around us so that we can be aware of it. Reading or watching the news is one of the best ways to know about what is happening around us. Recently people are reading the news out of social media, especially WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a social media platform meant to communicate with loved ones and have a good time. It is also great for group conversations. But some “experts” started forwarding messages as news which are created by some dumbheads to have fun.

They also have the other name called “conspiracy theorists.” In this article, let us talk about the most pathetic WhatsApp forwards which are called the news. As the world is suffering from a pandemic, a vaccine or a drug is necessary for it to go back to normality.

Bill Gates through is foundation called “Gates Foundation” has started a research on vaccine. In 2015, Bill Gates talked in a ted talk about the future wars and how it can include bio weapons. Then some dumb head who had no work to do said Gates is a part of corona virus pandemic.

They have also spread the news saying his vaccine has chips, which watches people and their moments and controls them. Imagine a scenario, we humans are a population of 7.8 Billion people. Each and every one of us needs a shot of the vaccine to protect ourselves from the virus.

If Bill Gates really wants to insert chips in us to control us, he needs the same population as a staff to monitor us. This is basic common math which my nephew can do, and he is 7 years old. This is like basic common sense and math anyone can do, and their theory can just disappear like that whoosh!

The other fake news forward on WhatsApp is from the country of India. There came a forward saying Government is spraying pesticides over people to protect us from the virus. Many of them thought it is true and shut their doors. Even I was the victim of it, the message came in summer and it was a hot day. Boy, the sweat that day was unbelievable.

If the virus dies just by washing hands with soap, why on earth would the government need to spray pesticides. Any person who passed 5th-grade biology can understand this. Therefore, these people who send these forwards on WhatsApp are dumber than children or have absolutely zero knowledge of science.

The other is also from the India. The Hon’ble prime minister of India asked all Indians to clap their hands to honor and salute frontline workers for their service. Poor guy just wanted to show that the country is together to fight the virus. But our WhatsApp experts went to a laboratory and conducted experiments.

The messages like “the science behind clapping is that with the sound and vibrations can kill the virus in the air.” By reading this even my neighbour’s cat said: “what the fluff?” I mean how did these guys even pass schooling? I’m sure their IQ test would be negative. After that, most of the population believed that and forwarded the same.

There is one more legendary WhatsApp forward from India. Again the Prime Minister asked to lit lamps to show the unity of the country. However, online scientists got another theory. They said “With the heat from all the lamps, the atmosphere temperature would increase by 2 degrees and that will kill the virus. According to science, if the temperature of the earth rises by 1 degree, one by a third of the ecosystem will be extinct.

When I saw that temperature will be increased by 2 degrees I lost it. That is the worst forward I have ever seen. Not only these, there are many more of these which circulate in WhatsApp. People believe in this and go gaga over things. There is a way to decrease this so that less bull shit flows in the social media.

When you receive a forward, open google type it and read the news section. The news you see over there is real and even the news channels provide proofs to cross-check. There are also some websites that do a fact check of news for you. Finally, The government is way too busy and are not in a mood to keep feeding you false news. Wake up and be a responsible user. It would be really awesome if there is a test for people to use the internet.

Today we are going to talk about the people who have always been pulling you down. It shouldn’t matter what they say because that’s what people do; they were born to poke their nose in others life and it will always continue no matter what.
But what they never said was: There will be families where none other than your own parents would pull you down and make you feel like you owe your life to them. And to top it all off, our beloved old generation siblings add the cherry on the cake.

If ever you face such a situation, don’t ever be sad. There’s only one solution to do this: You have got to be independent, take your own decisions and most importantly understand that: Your life is only yours and yours to live and shouldn’t be lived on dictations. For regret & being unhappy will never leave their shadow in such a case. We have all known families where social status and show-off have been of utmost importance to them more than their own kids.
‘So don’t be disheartened my child, for this life was given to you because of your strong mind and strong willed nature and always remember you have come in this world by yourself so you have got to give top most love, care to yourself and always do what’s best for you as long as it doesn’t cause damage to something or someone intentionally.

We have only one life to live (technically yes, though there’s reincarnation and stuff but one doesn’t really know how it works), so yeah it’s true to say You Live Only Once as who you are known today. So why live it concentrating on the negatives and how much you’re being pulled down?

There will be instances wherein you’ll be forced to choose professions for family & to take it forward. No, it definitely isn’t wrong to choose those as long as they make you happy and you got a real family who genuinely cares for you and your future and not just the society. In India, the notion of society has always been the evil between family love and bonding and it’s likely never to stop so if you don’t take your stand today. So do what you love, get out of a filthy non-appreciating house for that negativity will always surround you no matter how much you try to run away from it and it will eventually turn you into a human you never wanted to be.

Embrace the pulling down and get over it…. it sure will take time but I promise you’ll get over it once you start living for your betterment & nurturing.

So sweety, break free today for you don’t know what tomorrow holds for you so… live it like a free bird for cages are build only of thoughts & societies.

How free are you? Free enough to piss on any road we want. But free enough to get away to someplace and spend some time alone? If we are rich, we have to make sure we stay rich, and if we are not, then we should make sure to get rich. The delusion is to get rich so that one can achieve a stature where they can finally be free. But looking it from an outsiders perspective, it is a circle. We begin at some point, dreaming of an endpoint, but it never ends. The quest of life is to finally be free, but when?

If we look at this circle of the chase of life, we can call it a spiral. We begin at some point, and we realise we are not free, we understand that we have to run in the line to be free finally and reach our destination, but that point never comes. If the starting point is ‘existence’ and the endpoint is ‘death’, all that happens in between is a spiral. It is never a straight line; it is always a loop! We chase money instead of an object.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

No matter how evil that may sound, we all are material beings. It is material that we desire. We work, or we put some labour to gain some fruit. But the fruit of our labour is snatched away from us, and we get a paper called money. The concept is to exchange this paper to buy some material that brings us joy. But our desire to work has not become some object, but our passion is on the very paper, money!

We have begun to buy objects not to satisfy our needs and feel joyous but to live up to the standards of everyone around us. There is nothing wrong with buying what you love. If your target is to enjoy a holiday in GOA and you have worked six months to earn enough money to do that, do that! People make you guilty for buying something for yourself. But there is nothing wrong in purchasing a fleshlight for yourself if you want it.

But if you buy a car just because you have to buy it to create a social identity, you are lost in the spiral of forever chase and EMI! EMI is not dividing your money into specific months; it is dividing your labour too. In the delusion of buying anything you want, you choose EMI. And when you realise that you are drowned in debts, it is too late. It eats your entire salary and salary is not a gift, it is a fruit of your labour!

The only way to be a hacker in this spiral life is to use the money to do what you want. Buy whatever you want. Save just enough for you to live till you get the next job if you are fired, or you left. Utilise the gaps in jobs. Go freelancing if you want and enjoy your own life in the way you want. You have a choice right in front of you. You can either delude yourself in this meaningless existence that you are going to be free some day.
Or you can start living your life in the way you want and embracing the nothingness!

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