Ringing the bell of my love island,

I walked with excitement in my heart,

Into the room of destiny dazzled in colours,

The heart is beating as if it would fall out,

Loud and loud, to find that one in the crowd,

Shimmering like sequin, shining like star,

Like the wonderland that no one saw,

Eyes are searching for the love of life,

There he is, My dream boy! Now I am all flowers,

Like the water that is frozen in the dark cloud,

A wish to hold your hand fearless and open,

You and I, I know, will make a heaven,

Nonetheless of the fact that the world envies us,

These people are just some lonely souls,

Oh, my man! Don’t you worry these guys,

Straight in the gender, not in the thoughts,

Looking as if they have never seen gays,

With pride, I ask you today before the magic fades,

“Will you be my husband and allow me to be yours?”

If, a word we use very often;
To express the regret of a situation
To repent on any given condition
But my dear,
Pause for a minute;
For life is too timid
To blame it on the if’s and but’s
When you got your gut to trust.

No matter how old you are
It’s true that age is just a number.
For losing is nothing bad
But not trying & giving in
Would just be a reason for if’s to add.
So stop and take a deep breath;
For you don’t know how far/near is the dance of death;
So shift, control & reset.

Be proud of your decision
Embrace the change;
For taking risks would only bring growth & range.
Let your emotions speak
Take the leap of faith
Just don’t let there be any hate.
Stand tall for you are one of a kind
& only you can get your peace of mind.

Marry the love of your life
Take that solo trip you always desired
Quit that job; from the one, you always wanted to be fired
And follow your passion & then get hired.
Let them if’s and but’s be bygone
For If you don’t follow your mind & heart;
Are you even living your life or
A life someone has bought?

Shining eyes, beautiful heart, there she was,

With skin muddy and dress tidy walking towards me,

Pit in her stomach and dirt in her nails,

Yet all I could see was those shining eyes,

With will and wish in her, she asked me something,

I could have given her what she needed,

I could have even given hunger a small pause,

But what I thought was to give her better,

Too her somewhere that was close to my heart,

A place which nurtured and made me strong,

Place filled with people, love, empathy, and strength,

She held my hand tight and said I am afraid,

I showed her one woman with a wide smile,

That woman opened her hands for this girl,

Come here! We are all here for each other, together,

See, this is your class and here is your uniform,

That was the moment, my soul relaxed,

She was happy and those shining eyes started crying,

I could happily rest in peace now, 100th girl to join our school,

Nothing is a bigger work than educating someone,

Giving them a platform to stand for themselves,

To walk fearless and wear a sense of dignity,

Dignity of not money but of the power to live,

To chose a life they have always dreamt of,

From the life I have lived and people I walked through,

It is you who can make your life beautiful,

Charity be a thing with a word substituted as help,

Will I walk in right lane, money and food won’t decide,

Right education can sculpt a persons’ life,

The shape it never seen, the shape of heights,

To the hall of less misery, the hall of future,

Education is much more than what it looks,

A beautiful energy that builds you high,

A drive that takes to the heights of sky.

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