Efficacy In Existence, A True Endeavour.

On a Saturday evening, I completed my work and scrolling through my social media. Liking memes and just passing the time. A rare moment where the efficacy of my sadness it not taking over. After some time, there was a chime on the phone.  It is my friend Charvi. She is one of the goodContinue reading Efficacy In Existence, A True Endeavour.

Closure In Life: A Self Guided Way To Move On.

In our day to day life, we might come across from many difficult situations. Some situations might be very tough to move on and find closure. Not only daily incidents, but even past trauma also affects us in finding closure. By this, we will have a lot of physical and mental health issues. On theContinue reading Closure In Life: A Self Guided Way To Move On.

man with black and gold body art

The Devil inside me

How beautiful the horror you create, To those who give you agony, The tears that fall fill my heart, Deep and dense they touch me, The smile you hide but I do, When you have a guilty pleasure, Sometimes I fear if I am an animal, As I hold the hunger to feed, But thenContinue reading The Devil inside me


My lies and the truth of it!

Well, I always have this tendency to slip on some of my personal experiences into my stories, poems and every article I write. But today, we have all decided to write a direct self-portrait. So, not only will I be writing my personal things and I would also be accepting that it is indeed personal!Continue reading My lies and the truth of it!

The Ultimate Succumb!

” I’ve given up emotionally, and nothing excites me anymore. I’ve tried and tried and now I’m tired and done!” This statement is not from a 60 plus -year-old guy who has seen everything in life. The line is from a 23-year-old guy who just started the phase of life and a close friend ofContinue reading The Ultimate Succumb!

green leaf plant in white pot located near the window

The new succulent trend!

This time let’s catchup with the trendy plants, succulents/drought plants. Before this lockdown, I had no idea about these tiny, little, cute plants. When I got to know much about them, I couldn’t stop loving them, and sometimes I feel I have a very few reasons, but sometimes I feel the count of reasons doesn’tContinue reading The new succulent trend!

I Used To Like Me Because I Loved You!

It is the first day of my office,I’m feeling nervous and anxious.I got in a car and started thinking.The thoughts are interlinking. I reached the office, and I’m excited,As I go in and enter a room, I’m thrilled.There is an orientation program to attend,Suddenly my day is very brightened. That scene reminded me of myContinue reading I Used To Like Me Because I Loved You!

father and son

For the ones, we lost to corona

You had promised me;Another bedtime story for the following day.That day morning I rushed to your room;For our morning hugBut I found you lying on the rug. Amma was crying but why?You always taught me;Never to lie.So why didn’t you keep up your promise, baba?Now, what will this Simba do without his Mufasa? The nightsContinue reading For the ones, we lost to corona

wake up india

India, let’s sense the senses!

Why?What has happened to our eye?Are we actually even seeing?;When we can’t really see what’s going on in our country? Our rights, our power, our moneyBut looks like we too are politician’s bunnies;Our wrong electoral choices;Rapes, murders are the consequences. Why?What has happened to our voice?Has money blinded our morals & principles?That being ignorant hasContinue reading India, let’s sense the senses!

two women sitting on white bench

My dear saviour!