I Exist in a dog’s mouth

I was sitting in a cafe, sipping a cold drink. The drink passed in my throat, I can feel it going down my throat and falling into my belly. Right when it hit the bottom of my stomach, I couldn’t feel it anymore. This thought struck my mind, and it made e forget that I’mContinue reading I Exist in a dog’s mouth

parents seperation

Your kids need to know about it

Sitting by the lakeFeels like I have got my long-awaited breakI’m all to myself todaywith my thoughts to play. The sway of the wind reminds me of her;As though she’s calming putting  me to sleepThe stillness of the water reminds me of her;As though she’s taking the sun to keep me in shade. I wishContinue reading Your kids need to know about it

Ultimate truth of life

The ultimate truth of Life!

What is true? How can we conclude something to be true and something to be false? Isn’t it ironical, that confirming that something is false, becomes confirming truth about that ‘thing’ to be false! Even if we are not deliberately searching for truth, instinctively we seek the truth. There is always a curiosity in humanContinue reading The ultimate truth of Life!

I Used To Like Me Because I Loved You!

It is the first day of my office,I’m feeling nervous and anxious.I got in a car and started thinking.The thoughts are interlinking. I reached the office, and I’m excited,As I go in and enter a room, I’m thrilled.There is an orientation program to attend,Suddenly my day is very brightened. That scene reminded me of myContinue reading I Used To Like Me Because I Loved You!

two man sitting on pink flower field

Will you be my husband?

Ringing the bell of my love island, I walked with excitement in my heart, Into the room of destiny dazzled in colours, The heart is beating as if it would fall out, Loud and loud, to find that one in the crowd, Shimmering like sequin, shining like star, Like the wonderland that no one saw,Continue reading Will you be my husband?

Congratulations! You got it at last!

Hey pals, so still stuck at a point where you are being judged? or finding it hard to place yourselves at a point in life? No worries, we are here to brighten up your day. Don’t worry, we are not selling any products for you, neither asking time if you have time for the Lord,Continue reading Congratulations! You got it at last!


The Idly Affair

It started with a tweet of a British Professor, Edward Anderson. We all might be familiar with this issue; people who use social media at least. Replying to a tweet of Zomato which asked people to name a food that they don’t like and many people yet love it. Edward Anderson, using his twitter account,Continue reading The Idly Affair

No if No but. if the poem

If, a funny word!

If, a word we use very often;To express the regret of a situationTo repent on any given conditionBut my dear,Pause for a minute;For life is too timidTo blame it on the if’s and but’sWhen you got your gut to trust. No matter how old you areIt’s true that age is just a number.For losing isContinue reading If, a funny word!

diligent small girl drawing on paper in light living room at home

If help, be it education!

Shining eyes, beautiful heart, there she was, With skin muddy and dress tidy walking towards me, Pit in her stomach and dirt in her nails, Yet all I could see was those shining eyes, With will and wish in her, she asked me something, I could have given her what she needed, I could haveContinue reading If help, be it education!


The Metamorphosis Of A Great Gray Moth

Vincent Van Gogh grew curious towards butterflies and moths between 1889 and 1890. He liked the metaphorical representation of human transformation through the Metamorphosis of insects, and especially Moths and Butterflies. When he was drawing such transforming creatures, he found this beautiful Moth. He described this moth as ‘Death’s Head Moth’ to his brother inContinue reading The Metamorphosis Of A Great Gray Moth