Standing in THE center of a junction!

I was standing between the skyscrapers on the road that divided into two, and my heart is thumping. My name is Harish or simply Harry. I’m in between the junction of two roads. I don’t know which one to take. I don’t know how I ended up here and how I’m suddenly wearing a tuxedoContinue reading “Standing in THE center of a junction!”

That’s how he saved his futurE

Many a times being frugal is misinterpreted;Is being frugal being cheap?If saving money for greater things in life is;If serving one’s best interests is;Then yes; but;Being frugal at least gets one a good night’s sleep. We live in a world where;Clothes are meant for show off;Money is spent like a toss;& food is left toContinue reading “That’s how he saved his futurE”

Utter Nonsense of a senseless mind

The mind is a wonder they say, but if they peeped into my mid, they would want to ignore. Because of the things I have in my mind, you will find it hard to call me names—these dangerous abstract images of chaos. I see people as stupid, and to be precise, cunts. Cunts who can’tContinue reading “Utter Nonsense of a senseless mind”

The Honest Confession Of Tears.

Robert is a middle-aged man is sitting in a chair,The room was empty, and there was some grim in the air.Robert is having a lot of thoughts,He decides to put them in words. “The whole world is under pressure,We all need a refresher.Why have we become so numb?Did our feelings go dumb? Today’s child isContinue reading “The Honest Confession Of Tears.”

Donkey, Donkey; Old And Grey.

The guy that loves you might have hated someone and might be hated by someone. Our perception of people is an abstract idea of them formed through deduction and might end up being false. What is good, and What is bad? Who is a good person? Is a moral person good? If I belong toContinue reading “Donkey, Donkey; Old And Grey.”

Life…All about Equating the uncertainties

Life…..It’s like a leap of faith;Where uncertainty awaits;Where we don’t know what tomorrow brings;or how is it that our life swings. What we have with us is – today;Whether it’s black, white or grey.It’s all about how we balance the situation;And the right application of any equation. To add happiness;& minus the sadness;To divide theContinue reading “Life…All about Equating the uncertainties”