Let’s celebrate fitness for a healthier tomorrow

By- Gayatri Agarwal Fitness, a term everyone understands but never really pay attention to! In the upgrading and fast-moving world, where new technology comes up every fortnight, we have become so comfortable with the life wherein we want to put in the least physical effort. The technology has simplified many physical challenging or demanding tasks,Continue reading Let’s celebrate fitness for a healthier tomorrow

Meditation – Connect, Reconnect & Disconnect

By- Gayatri Agarwal Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. The word ‘Yoga’ derives from Sanskrit and means to join or to unite, symbolising the union of body and consciousness.Recognising its universal appeal, on 11 December 2014, the United Nations proclaimed 21 June as the International Day of Yoga.ItContinue reading Meditation – Connect, Reconnect & Disconnect

Sometimes, it’s okay not to be okay

By- Gayatri Agarwal A report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) revealed that 7.5 per cent of the Indian population suffers from some form of mental disorder.  India accounts for nearly 15% of the global mental, neurological and substance abuse disorder burden.Mental health conditions such as stress, depression, and anxiety may develop due to underlying, life-changing problems. ‘It’s Okay’:These are the twoContinue reading Sometimes, it’s okay not to be okay