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7 steps to improve your immune system

Why is taking care of your immune system important? It’s simple. The immune system is the defence mechanism of our body, and it is our responsibility to keep it safe. But isn’t it another way round? You may ask. But the body is like tree guys! The proper you water it, give it nutrition, theContinue reading 7 steps to improve your immune system

Understanding A life past trauma and depression.

The year 2020 hit us all by surprise for all the wrong reasons. There is a lot of awareness that is spreading in the world, especially on mental health. This is a very good move considering most of us are staying home and socially not active. It is important that we spread this awareness andContinue reading Understanding A life past trauma and depression.

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Congratulations! It’s a bartender!

Being born in India is like being born with a head tag that reads out one’s career. Right when the baby drops out or sometimes even before the sperm has hit the egg, they are destined to become something. “Hey, I want to have kids” both the parents talk. But it’s a bit different here,Continue reading Congratulations! It’s a bartender!

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The Difference Of Living And Leading

The Human mind is very mysterious, With loads of emotions and thoughts; It is always curious to learn things. It helps to think and get elegant solutions, But we always overthink and create complex problems. The definition of life is a reality to be experienced, One of the most vital things required to live isContinue reading The Difference Of Living And Leading

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Annoyance of submission, halting the progression!

What are we? What is our purpose? We don’t have answers for that! But what we are trying to do is to progress in life. And what is progression if you don’t move forward? Is time linear or circle? We don’t know for sure. But what is circular is your thought of mind. What youContinue reading Annoyance of submission, halting the progression!

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One Last Puff

Just this one time, one more puff before I come clean;Now, I have been saying this to myself from ages and years.Soon the days became years and the years became aeons,But the never-ending desire to want more remained.The wanting of one last puff! The haunting of one more puff! The night has come, and theContinue reading One Last Puff

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Paranoia Unlock!

It has been four months since I have seen the daylight. My skin has gone pale, and my eyes have gotten used to less light. The pandemic has taken a significant toll on me. I kept myself locked inside my bunker of a house. The doors only open when my groceries are delivered. My livingContinue reading Paranoia Unlock!

The Adverse Effects Of Flamboyance.

We as humans have differentiated ourselves on countless things. There are two things that humans have which unite all of us is hope and confidence. If we are hopeful, we might not push everything on confidence, if we have confidence, we don’t need hope as we believe in ourselves. Hope is a funny thing, andContinue reading The Adverse Effects Of Flamboyance.

The Shenanigan Of Life

According to science, the probability of a human being born is one in 400 trillion! That is a pretty huge number and very rare probability. According to evolution, The first human ancestors appeared between five million and seven million years ago, and the present sized brain was formed 130,000 years ago. We used brain toContinue reading The Shenanigan Of Life

Do you know your partner’s love language?

By- Gaytari Agarwal Why do we see so many heartbreaks now than ever? What is it that’s lacking? What are the signals we don’t understand? Love is a beautiful feeling, and we can’t deny that, but we always see people running behind people and love. If the love is pure, why does one need toContinue reading Do you know your partner’s love language?