Om Dar – B – Dar (1988), the Indian post – modern hallucinogen!

No! This movie is not about any drugs! The movie itself is trippier than LSD or any hallucinogen! I was studying about post-modernism in films and I got to know about this movie. Post-Modernism is a movement in art, where artists break all the existing conventions to create a piece of art. Many movies inContinue reading “Om Dar – B – Dar (1988), the Indian post – modern hallucinogen!”

Everything wrong with Indian Mainstream Cinema

India is one of the largest film producing countries. India produces 1,500 to 2,000 movies per year, which is the larger than US and Canada. But why Indian movies are not regular nominees at the prestigious film awards, the Oscars? Because not quantity, but quality is what matters when it comes to art! India hasContinue reading “Everything wrong with Indian Mainstream Cinema”


In the previous article, Indie Filmmaking, we shared our thoughts on how Indie films are considered cheapo films where in reality they are a part of fine arts. Here are few Indie films, we suggest budding filmmakers to watch and learn. Except for the Mean Streets (1973), all the other films mentioned here in theContinue reading “INDIE FILMS WHICH MADE AN IMPACT ON THE WORLD CINEMA”


Whenever the term ‘indie’ is heard, the brain subconsciously shouts out “Cheapo!”. Indeed, the expenses included in making an indie film might appear as an ant in front of the mammoth sized expenses bore in mainstream films, but that doesn’t mean they’re inexpensive. Studios are involved in making a mainstream film and with ‘great studiosContinue reading “INDIE FILMMAKING”