Artists expressed SOLITUDE not LONELINESS

By- Samhitha Dulam Just like many of us, I had experienced loneliness, but soon after, when I had gone through some portraits, I decided to have more solitude rather than isolation. Well many of us might have thought that most of the artists had shown their pain and loneliness, but I would rather see itContinue reading “Artists expressed SOLITUDE not LONELINESS”

Nepotism- A bitter reality

By- Dada Hayath Nepotism – is it good or bad?Before being judgmental on Nepotism and blaming every person who chose the same profession of their family, it would be better if we have a clear idea about Nepotism. Let’s know what Nepotism defines to be- As per the Cambridge dictionary, Nepotism means the act ofContinue reading “Nepotism- A bitter reality”

STARRY NIGHT – Van Gogh’s Masterpiece –The message one should receive

By- Samhitha We all know about the art called STARRY NIGHT as one of the most recognized art pieces in the world. But most of us have no idea, what the painting actually is? Well, this is what I found when I started working on this art. Vincent van Gogh painted STARRY NIGHT in 1889Continue reading “STARRY NIGHT – Van Gogh’s Masterpiece –The message one should receive”

MEMES as a part of post-modernist art!

 Art is an expression using creative skills, mostly visual. Many revolutions throughout history have shifted the forms of art. In the beginning, art was just drawings of symbols which pictorially represented the real-world objects. Primitive men used such symbols to depict the objects they saw. Later on, men drew symbols to tell stories. The veryContinue reading “MEMES as a part of post-modernist art!”

Maska- A movie review

Maska is a recently released family drama film written and directed by Neeraj Udhwani and started streaming on Netflix from March 27, 2020.  Initially, let’s talk about the characters of the film. The film goes around the main character named “Rumi Irani” played by Prit Kamani. The mother of Rumi Irani, “Diana Irani,” is played byContinue reading “Maska- A movie review”