The Interdimensional Poop

The sun in the Crappenium galaxy was shining bright and from that bright light came out a space ship. It was travelling a wee bit slower than the speed of light, but its motive was to reach the speed or even cross it. Soon it crossed the speed of light, and it vanished from theContinue reading “The Interdimensional Poop”

Models become actresses and heirs become actors

We all talk about how nepotism is prevalent in the film and media. But there is also the other misconception around cinema, to bring models into the movies. Models are good looking, and they would look great in front of the camera, so Indian directors prefer models over people who can act. People think actingContinue reading “Models become actresses and heirs become actors”

The Pizza Box

This was supposed to be my short film and I remember how excited everyone was when I narrated this story. I couldn’t finish shooting the film, I lacked training then. But I decided to write it as a story for everyone that had supported me back then. I hope you like it. Modified and rewroteContinue reading “The Pizza Box”

10 things to better yourself at BLAH!

We all know what BLAH is. It can be anything. You can replace this blah with anything, and it would still mean nothing. By this line, you must be wondering what that cover picture is, and what am I trying to say. But you don’t need to worry about that because the cover picture isContinue reading “10 things to better yourself at BLAH!”

The day of rationing-the ideal construct of humanity

By- Chandini Kola “Today is Friday. We must prepare for the rationing. People will come flowing like water in the ocean. Are we ready?” God asked his Prophets. “We have made the arrangements as per your instructions master,” Prophet replied. “Have you checked if all our priests are ready?” God asked. “They have always been,Continue reading “The day of rationing-the ideal construct of humanity”

Did you ask yourself this question before starting your journey towards goal?

By Samhitha dulamEverybody wants to live a happy and relaxed life, to have good relationships, to make money, to look beautiful, become famous and many more. Everybody likes it that way because it’s so simple and easy. But have you ever asked a question like “What pain/risks will you take? Or what are the consequencesContinue reading “Did you ask yourself this question before starting your journey towards goal?”

Body shaming- the damage of your image or your soul?

By- Samhitha Dulam Did you ever stop and think about how often we are told to change our appearance? And how often we are treated as Imperfectionists, without actually knowing about us or much less than our appearance.People have a definite notion of beauty which defines standards of skin colour, body dimensions or the kindContinue reading “Body shaming- the damage of your image or your soul?”