“Hey! Anitha,

I am pleased to inform you that you are going to get all the good luck soon!

Do you know? I have been dreaming about you for three days now. We don’t even know each other, but I saw visions about you in my dreams. You were happy, rich and filled with the treasure of everything you ever wanted in your life. I was so pleased to see it.

Then I thought Anitha; this vision came to me for a reason. It found me so that I can make it possible for you to receive the fortune ultimately. This is yours, Anitha. You deserve it, all of it and I am here to make it possible for you to receive it on time—enough of the bad and sad days you had. You are in debt of money, and this fortune can lead you to the happiest part of your life. Imagine what all you can do with the money and wealth. You can build a mountain. You will soon receive a check Anitha. All you have to do is accept my invitation and request to connect with you. Click here to read the full message. I am here to help. Please let me take you to your good fortune.”

Ben: Mary, please send this message to given e-mail Ids. But do not forget to change the name of the person. I have just written this one as an example. Also do not forget to add the CTA(Call to action) as Connect with me personally and get the complete wealth at just 20$.

Mary: But Ben, the same message for everyone, do you think it will work?

Ben: I am quite sure of the idiocy of people, Mary.

Mary: How are you so sure about it?

Ben: Okay. I will tell you a small story.

“This story happened a few years back. There was a girl who was in search of job and money. She was very desperate about getting settled. Though she applied for many jobs, sadly, she didn’t get calls from good companies. The girl used to check her mailbox every day in the hope of a call from a good company. She even asked many friends for help. One day, in conversation with a friend, she said, “Man! I am not getting any job. I got so many awards and so much appreciation while I was at college. But I don’t know what happened to me now!” The guy replied, “Hey! Why don’t you go to a fortune teller so that he can help you get some good luck?”

She doubtfully asked, “Do you think that can help?” He said, “Of course! See, I wasn’t feeling well last year, and my mom took me to a fortune teller, and he said that I would be fine this year and gave me this stone of luck. Look, I am fine now!” So the girl agreed and started searching for fortune-tellers online. She saw something called ‘Christin fortune telling-Get your luck spell for exams, career, life, marriage, love, sex and money.’ When she opened that site, she saw a questionnaire and after filling that she got her spell. She tried it for a few days, but it didn’t seem to work. One day morning, she woke up dizzy and opened her mailbox. And her eyes suddenly started glowing. There it was! The e-mail she was looking for. 

“Eureka! You won billions of money. Just get in contact with me, and this complete money can be yours for sure. All I want is for you to have this luck and all you need to give me is just 10$.” The girl started screaming in joy, and she replied back immediately. She checked out the amount and came in contact with the fortune teller. The fortune-teller asked her to do a few things on a daily basis to be able to win that amount. The girl agreed and listened to whatever the fortune teller had to say. Each day in desperation and hope, she kept doing whatever has been said to her and years passed by.”

Mary: Oh, my God! What happened to that girl later? Did she get the money?

Ben: You didn’t ask the girls’ name, by the way!?

Mary: Yes! Who is it? And how do you know all this?

Ben: It is the girl that’s standing in front of you right now; it is me.

Mary: Whhhhhhhaaaat!? Seriously?

Ben: Yes. Sadly or LUCKILY!

Mary: Can’t believe it. By the way, what was your friends’ health condition that was treated?

Ben: Oh! That fellow had anaemia.

We all talk about how nepotism is prevalent in the film and media. But there is also the other misconception around cinema, to bring models into the movies. Models are good looking, and they would look great in front of the camera, so Indian directors prefer models over people who can act. People think acting is simple, pretending a few facial expressions. But that is false. Bringing in models just because they are good looking is equally bad as bringing in actors because of their family heritage. An actor is someone who acts. And the term acting is the biggest oxymoron there ever is. To act is not to act but to live in the role. A person who is good at acting is a bad actor because acting is not about acting out but feeling the moment as it is real. It is a skill, and it is out of syllabus for modelling agencies. And it most possibly not a genome that passes through heritage!

Models and relatives of already existing actors usually think acting is all about pretending emotions. Few are an exception, but if you look at the majority of those actor turned models, they only know to pretend a bunch of expressions. And in every film they star, they are same, giving the same expressions in all the movies regardless of their role in the film. They are just bad actors because they are acting and not living in part. Living in character is not an additional skill for acting; it is what acting means. Because of sons, brothers, sisters and models entering acting without any prior training or proper knowledge about acting, ‘living in the role’ became a unique feature, and the one who has it gets treated like a special actor.

man standing on stage
Actors in a theater
Photo by Ruca Souza on Pexels.com

But it is the primary qualification for anyone to act in the first place. Now the films are crowded with such people who are not even qualified to play any character. If you watch behind the scenes of a foreign film, you will understand that if any actor failed to live the role, that scene gets added to bloopers and they are made into a memorable video calling ‘so and so actor broke character’. The fans made it even hell in India that, they demand the director to put specific songs and specific dialogues referring to their real-life presence. But if their real-life presence is referred to in a film, how are they even actors? Directors have even started writing stories that match the real-life character of the actors to satisfy their fans. This is why people who want to become actors go to modelling agencies instead of acting schools. How handsome does Joe Pesci look? Can you compare our so called ‘handsome’ actors’ method of acting with Pesci’s? You can’t!

This thoughtless process is how models and heirs have dragged the art called film to the dump. They even have started calling the movies as an ‘industry’. ‘Telugu film industry, Tamil film industry’. Since when did filmmaking become an industry? Why are Indian filmmakers cutting down the art in film and only concentrating on the commercial aspects of a movie? A film is an act of real-life incidents or imagined incidents. You can do a lot of things with a film. Primarily, you make a film to tell a story to convey an emotion. But making films to satisfy an actor’s fans and earn some dough, is cheating the profession. You are not a director just because you have directed a movie. You are a director if you know how to make a film. You do not know how to make a movie; you know the method to satisfy fans and earn money. You are a businessman, and yes, the word industry fits right for you. The things you are making are no films but just montages of fan service. Don’t call them movies and don’t call your ideas of promoting that shit as a vision.

Fans going gaga
Photo by Wendy Wei on Pexels.com

Let film be a film! Hiring models to do acting is like hiring a dental doctor to perform brain surgery!

Hate when people say let go of all the negativity; like negativity is some force or energy that I can shed off. Wish it was that easy! Ironically it is the people that put the negativity there in the first place. I want to call this negativity as a ‘mood’. This negativity they talk about is a bad mood, and you need to keep away from it to have a good day because it is good days and multiple of them that forms a good life. 

What ‘good’ is depends on one’s definition of what ‘bad’ is. If you know what’s wrong for you, you should avoid things that make you feel bad for the rest of your day. Unfortunately for us, multiple aspects make sure of spoiling your day. It is like someone coding a few bad mood inducers in a day, trying to mess up. All you got to do is to be resilient to such inducing agents. 

Such agents can be objects that remind you of bad memories or can be people who are already having a bad day. You can avoid looking at and going to the items that make you feel bad. But it is unfair to say “get lost” to a person who is having a bad day. It is in human nature to go and console those people in sorrow.

You can console them if you want to, but it’s not that you are a bad person if you don’t. It is a choice, and if you choose to console them, it is not that you are good, it’s just that you prefer to comfort sad people. Everyone has ‘sad guys’ in their life. These sad guys are the inducing agents of bad mood. They don’t know that they are doing that, they are in sorrow themselves, but their grief passes on through their facial expressions, responses and words. Words of a person in distress, given the right vocabulary, can make every listener sad.

woman in gray tank top
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

So, when someone told you to let go of all the negativity, they indirectly mean to dump these bad mood-inducing objects and people. They may not mean that, but it is the process behind letting the negativity go. In real life, we have energies that make us work, but this positivity/negativity are not one of those scientific energies. They are a figure of speech meaning mood. Let us not consider vibes as some invisible waves transmitting from minds of people, but let us assume vibes to be words, responses and reactions of people. 

If you see a person in sad expression, you would at least feel like asking them what’s wrong, depends on you if you don’t. But you at least think ‘Why are they sad?’. You drift away thinking about what might have made them sad, and you keep on relating it to your life, reminding you of your own set of painful or bad memories. It might trigger sadness in you; hence the vibes passed. Butterfly effin’ effect! That butter eating kid with the bad mood in California can create a chain of bad moods till Syria and make a militant blast himself! With the internet and sharing thoughts, it is even more possible..

To these sad guys that make our day terrible by being sad, it’s not your mistake, but you should be aware what your mood makes you speak and how those words impact the listener’s mood. You are not ‘vibing’ through invisible waves of energy, but you are passing on bad mood through your facial expressions and your blabbering lips. All you can do is telling the sad guy not to be sad, offering them a solution. Yet, it is their call to take the solution or stop being sad.

You can’t just vibe out the sad guy the way they vibed you into a bad mood. But you can help them kill their sadness gradually, and it might help you get back on track with your ‘positive’ mood. This help is to feel good for yourself, and there is nothing noble about it. But if you choose not to help there is still a chance that you are in a bad mood, thinking about your own set of memories triggered because of that sad guy in your life. You need to understand that if you can not help the sad guy, and if there is nothing you can do to make them positive; you need to drop the trials. You should stop trying and care about your own mood. Your failure of a trial should not make you sad. Because if that made you miserable, you are a ‘sad guy’ in someone else’s life.

This is how the chain works, passing bad moods, being a sad guy in someone’s life. It is not voluntary, and it is not a choice to get low. But how you react to a situation is your call. After you receive an event, it might trigger sadness, happiness or thousand other emotions, but how you react is a choice. Not right at that moment, because at that moment you might respond in an emotional rush. When you are in an emotional rush, you should let it out by either speaking out or acting it out. If you hold on to that emotion, it carries forward throughout the day, and again you become the sad guy.

Not finding an outlet to let your bad mood out, makes you loathe about it all day and you end up moaning, whining and being a guy that speaks out negative words. You even react and respond negatively to almost everything. These responses hurt people, and if they didn’t let that out, they become you, the ‘sad guy’!

We need to break the chain of passing on the bad mood. A bad mood is attractive because it adds some weight to your character. You think it gives you some definition, but it won’t. For breaking the chain, you need to be aware of your mood, reactions and expressions. Do not suppress your inner emotional rush; that is not what I’m trying to say here. Ironically, suppressing your emotions will make you whiny and sad. Act when you want to act, let it all out. Do not carry the burden of emotions and feelings that you can’t lift anymore. Be open and expressive about your feelings, make sure every emotion is justified right, and you won’t carry it forward. Avoid the sad guy’s sadness impacting your mood. Even if you console them, you need not take it personally. 

Tell the sad guy of your life, “Not today!”

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