Hey, there! All good? Are you all feeling wonderful or profoundly awful? You might be thinking, why am I asking these questions. Any guesses? Yes, you got it right. I was talking about quarantine and COVID-19 situation. 

We all are these days locked down at homes; of course, few are at different places. The world is suffering, or should I rather say that it is healing? What? Healing? Are you idiot? Oh! Come on, we all know this, the pollution stuff, right! Aren’t these the thoughts on your brain? 

But the story here is a little bit different from all these questions. Most people have been affected by the virus, and a few had to face death. Sad! Many of us might be blaming the Chinese for the situation today. But, I feel it was kind of needed for us. We surely required a reality check. 

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Reality checks

  1. We vigorously dominate the other species. 
  2. No matter how rich you are, when rigid situations come, you are tender too.
  3. One really doesn’t need to show spirituality to the heights of foolishness.
  4. None is higher, and none is smaller, we all are on the same plane.
  5. Other species also have the right to live in this world.
  6. Religions were created by humans, humanity was a gift we lost with time.
  7. We have lost the essence of life in the run to wealth.
  8. Nature was highly neglected, and we are no powerful than nature.
  9. Corporate slavery doesn’t need to exist.
  10. The world is a better place when humanity is rightly served.

Let me explain to you every reality check. But, why one needs to know them? These reality checks are not to confine ourselves to guilt but if you don’t question yourself now, you won’t be able to answer the consequences of tomorrow.

Let’s get to each of the above stated one by one.

  • Homosapiens have been dominant since their existence. First, they dominated Neanderthals, then the other species, then their own species.  So, we all believe that we, as a species, have higher IQ than any other living being on the earth. Unfortunately, we are not. Why? Because dominance is neither a sign of intelligence nor power. Maybe that is why we destroy our planet with man-made mistakes and just keep killing each other with personal opinions. But, as they say, every dog has a day. Dominance is shit, my friends. We are damn locked inside, liked we closed other species in cages. Now you know what we are.
  • We have been earning and earning and earning. But what next? Money can’t buy happiness is too clichéd to speak. However, money indeed is not powerful than knowledge. If you don’t have the knowledge, money is an object of no use.
  • Spirituality is definitely ones’ personal choice, but it should never overpower the concept of “Live and Let Live.” We all sure know how  Maulana Muhammad Saad, the chief of Tablighi Jamaat, has conducted the congregation at Nizamuddin Markaz, risking lives on innocent people. Even though it led to the spread of COVID-19 to many people, he is not guilty of the fact. Instead, a recording came out of him speaking to conduct to more of such congregations. Anyways, thankfully, a few of Tablighi Jamaat attendees have got themselves checked at hospitals, and a few of them are traced and quarantined by the government.  Yet, they are some fools who are attacking the medics in return who are trying to treat them. On the other hand, people are spreading religious hatred. Now, what is this, if it is not foolishness?
  • We are in a situation where each is vulnerable to the situation. From labourer to an economist, all of us can act nothing but to save our lives.
silhouette photo of metal birdcages hanged on cables between buildings
Photo by Chris Fuller on Unsplash
  • We had power over every species around the world. Now that we are locked down and stagnant, other species are taking some breathe free from us out there.
  • We all created religions just to prove that we are more significant than one other. Now, we have no choice but to accept the fact that humanity alone is our religion.
  • Everyone was too busy making a career and money that we forgot we were supposed to live. We were either busy settling the mistakes of the past or planning the future. Now we are just worried about living one other day. Yet again, making mistakes.
  • We always used nature to our purpose and didn’t bother to pay it back. Unlike us, it was patient until the destruction went to a spot where there was no choice but to punish us.
  • Corporates have paved way more of slavery than to employment. Slavery which made people numb than employed. The Sensex is falling, so are the businesses, so is the toil. If there is a tomorrow and we get back to work, we all are sure to face the worst recession ever. The jobs will be gone, and unemployment will rise. The people who did nothing but slavery will find it hard to do something for their living.
group of doctors walking on hospital hallway
Photo by Luis Melendez on Unsplash
  • Doctors, medics, police, social welfare workers, and many other people who are working out there for our safety, risking their lives deserve tremendous respect. They are not doing this for money but out of humanity. If we work towards the welfare of each other, we find each other happy and safe.

Whether there is a tomorrow or not, the lessons need to remembered. Humanity needs to saved. Nature needs to be honoured, and life should never be taken for granted.

My name is something which represents happiness, but I find myself crying lots of time and I happened to belong to the heterosexuals who are attracted to women and are unfortunately called Men. But I guess I’m not a man. Because “Only women cry”. That’s what they tell me when I start crying. My emotions are repressed every time I try to express something. I like hairstyles, new fashion trends, I like to look good and I take time to get ready. Guess I’m not a man because “He gets ready like a girl!” they shout at me. Sometimes I’m forced to do unhygienic things because I’m a man and I’m supposed to be a brute with no feelings. I’m educated about consent and should never force something on a girl. But I should take it as a gift or a boon if a girl kisses me out of nowhere. Because I’m a man and I’m supposed to be a pervert 24/7 with no preferences of my own. I’m supposed to wait, be respectful towards ladies regardless of their behaviour, be the initiative and compromising person in a relationship and should mostly be the person who has to propose first just because I’m a man. I’m a liberal person with a lot of respect for the Feminism movement. I guess the movement is not all about women’s empowerment. It’s about learning the fact that no one should be discriminated against by using baseless conventional bullshit such as “Women like pink” and “Men are tough”. 

“Man up!” we say to someone who doesn’t find the courage to fight. I think we don’t dare to see reality. We should man up and see that every human person is different and have different traits. Zodiac signs don’t work! Personality traits won’t work! Generalizations and universal statements are thrown at people by grouping them which doesn’t necessarily fit everyone belonging in that group. Just because I have a penis and facial hair doesn’t mean that I won’t cry; that I’m not sensitive. Many women with hormonal imbalance have facial hair. If I generalize and claim that all people with facial hair are men, then will women with even one hair on their chin become men? Or is there any degree or measure of hair to prove someone to be a man? 

Gender is a gender! It doesn’t have a degree. You are just a man/woman/other! You can’t be more or less man/woman/other by doing specific things other men/women/others do.


Photo by Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz on Unsplash

Conventional wisdom has that, “one should not doze-off towards the north.” It is believed that, when we sleep pointing our head towards the North, Earth’s magnetic field attracts the iron content in our blood and makes it flow into the head causing a Brain Haemorrhage. It is true that our blood contains iron. It is also true that Earth has a magnetic field. But does it effect the iron in our blood?

Before heading to conclusion, let us disclose two things, why magnet attracts few metals such as Iron and Iron content in a human body.

Ferromagnetism ! It’s basic science ! Ferromagnetism is a property which causes magnets to attract metals. Iron, Nickel and Cobalt are few metals which exhibit magnetism. Magnetism occurs in an ‘electron’ level. Electrons exhibit electric and magnetic properties. Due to their spin, electrons possess a magnetic moment and if the electrons are paired, the magnetic moment is cancelled to zero, because it’s like a cart with two horses running in opposite directions using equal force. The cart won’t move! Unpaired electrons possess magnetic moment and when introduced in an external magnetic field, the metal behaves as a magnet. So, iron in contact with external magnetic field turns into a magnet and alligns itself into the external magnetic field. So, this is how iron gets attracted to external magnetic fields with certain intensity.

Photo by ZEISS Microscopy on Trend hype / CC BY-NC-ND

An average human body consists of 3-4 grams of Iron in their body. About 70% of iron in body is present in red blood cells. Red blood cells have a protein molecule called as Hemoglobin, which carries oxygen. One gram of hemoglobin contains 3.47 milligrams of iron. The 3-4 grams of iron is all spread in different parts of the human body other than blood.


Earth’s Magnetic Field strength at its surface ranges from 0.000025 to 0.000065 Tesla. But the magnetic field strength of an average MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image) scanner ranges from 0.2 to 7 Tesla, which is stronger than Earth’s magnetic strength on surface. Supposing Earth’s magnetic field of 0.000025 Tesla does attract all the red blood cells towards north, then an MRI scanner of 0.2 Tesla should make a human body explode and spill blood like in those slasher-horror films. Also, the iron content in human body is bounded with other components like hemoglobin or muscles; they can’t act as a solid Iron particle. The claim that “Sleeping while facing the north causes Brain Haemorrhage” is nothing more but a fiction.

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