So What? After All, It Is A Girl.

A woman gets pregnant and goes to a doctor,The woman doesn’t know that her husband is a monster.He insists on knowing the gender of the fetus,If it is a girl child, the regret will be instantaneous. The doctor does it for money knowing the fact it’s against the law,If it is a girl child, sheContinue reading So What? After All, It Is A Girl.

The Birthday Surprise! (Part Two)

Murthy’s eyes are covered and couldn’t see anything, and feels that his body is moving in the air, someone is carrying him. He tries to fight back, but he couldn’t because he is tied. He is terrified and couldn’t understand what is happening and yells “help!” “Who are you?”. There are devil laughs around him,Continue reading The Birthday Surprise! (Part Two)

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The Birthday Surprise! (Part One)

In the modern world where people talk by Instagram stories and share by WhatsApp and Facebook status, Murthy is a guy who prefers to communicate personally and listen to stories. The consequence of this is he is alone, and no one talks to him. He is the king of his universe. It was midnight onContinue reading The Birthday Surprise! (Part One)

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The Gamble Of Precious Lives.

The ongoing discussion in India is about JEE and NEET exams. As there is a pandemic around the world, people have divided themselves on conducting or postponing the exams. But are we debating on the correct premise? Let’s find out. Let us rely on numbers and data as they don’t lie. They say the factsContinue reading The Gamble Of Precious Lives.

The Million Dollar Blackout.

It was past 1:00 pm on a hot sunny day, Kevin wakes up on an unknown place after a blackout due to over drinking. It is not a new experience for him as he has a weird habit of over drinking and waking up at unknown places with strange people. He returns to his home,Continue reading The Million Dollar Blackout.

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I’m A DINOSAUR.. And You Are A Stupid.

“As I see that your star sign is Aquarius, you are a rebel at heart, the air around you demands authority over everything. You are always free spirited. You can be identified by your unusual hobbies and interests. You are ruled by Uranus, the planet that governs innovation, technology, and surprising events.” Says Sharma asContinue reading I’m A DINOSAUR.. And You Are A Stupid.

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The Re-Evolution Of Humans

Kalaam is a young man with big dreams,His family always supports his goals.He is always fascinated by stars,He always aimed to go to mars. As there is a pandemic, he is staying inside,His thoughts always travelled outside.He is enjoying his time in the lockdown,He is waiting for the time to go to town. One dayContinue reading The Re-Evolution Of Humans

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The Difference Of Living And Leading

The Human mind is very mysterious, With loads of emotions and thoughts; It is always curious to learn things. It helps to think and get elegant solutions, But we always overthink and create complex problems. The definition of life is a reality to be experienced, One of the most vital things required to live isContinue reading The Difference Of Living And Leading

The Tale Of Honest “YES”

Present-day 2:00 AM: Nisha’s phone chimes as she receives a message. The message is from Munna.  Munna: “Hey! I want to meet you today at our regular place. Got to say something important.” Nisha reads the message, smiles and replies. Nisha: “Sure Mun. Is 4 PM, okay? Will the King in the North be outContinue reading The Tale Of Honest “YES”

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The Reality Of Imaginary Conversation.

Ray is suffering from Schizoaffective disorder ( a combination of symptoms of schizophrenia and mood disorder, such as depression or bipolar disorder. )He still has hallucinations. He is always fascinated by science. He sits in his room and reads blogs and books on science. One day he learns about light and is very intrigued byContinue reading The Reality Of Imaginary Conversation.