Web Series worth a try in Lockdown

I know that many of us are feeling bored in your free time during the lockdown. I know that many of you completed many web series. Might you be facing trouble in choosing the series, right? These are my suggestions for you. 1. SUITS Genre- Drama, Thriller Where to Watch- Netflix, Amazon Prime Suits isContinue reading “Web Series worth a try in Lockdown”

are we killing ourselves with our lifestyle?

There was a time where we used to hunt the animals, walk miles and stay without food for days.lifestyle in those days effected humankind and nature in the right way. You also might have heard that our ancestors used to manual grind all the curry powders. They were in joint families with big houses. IContinue reading “are we killing ourselves with our lifestyle?”

Will she ever miss me-Part 5

Suraj- Yes I am Suraj, who is this Aafreen– Hai Suraj, It’s Aafreen this side. Suraj- Who ?(voice stumbling) Aafreen- Suraj, I am Aafreen, CSE, your collegemate.  I did not believe it, and I don’t know why. How can this miracle happen? I was entirely in a trance for a few moments, and she was shouting my nameContinue reading “Will she ever miss me-Part 5”