A dive to remember, or not

kargil war

To the glory of Kargil

With immense strength in heart;& unmatched bravery  being their art;They marched on for two months;Always stood on the fronts;Facing the fire from every acre;For they thought they were the Nation’s caretakers. Have you ever seen heroes?Yes, they are on the borders day and night;Always ready for a fight.1999 was a year of pride;527 families wereContinue reading To the glory of Kargil

That’s how he saved his futurE

Many a times being frugal is misinterpreted;Is being frugal being cheap?If saving money for greater things in life is;If serving one’s best interests is;Then yes; but;Being frugal at least gets one a good night’s sleep. We live in a world where;Clothes are meant for show off;Money is spent like a toss;& food is left toContinue reading That’s how he saved his futurE

NEITHER HIM NOR HER, they made it work

Ivra was getting the dinner ready for her folks. Aayan was on his way back home. He had a couple of errands to take care of for the dinner in order to make it a memorable one. Aayan’s parents had reached and they were overwhelmed to meet their pregnant daughter-in-law.Aayan reaches home with a surprise.Continue reading NEITHER HIM NOR HER, they made it work

Life…All about Equating the uncertainties

Life…..It’s like a leap of faith;Where uncertainty awaits;Where we don’t know what tomorrow brings;or how is it that our life swings. What we have with us is – today;Whether it’s black, white or grey.It’s all about how we balance the situation;And the right application of any equation. To add happiness;& minus the sadness;To divide theContinue reading Life…All about Equating the uncertainties


Small town girl;With so much enthusiasm & gleam;Being a part of the big city was her dream.Her innocence was a charm;And with a heart so warm;She held her head high;& was ready to take over the sky. With a beam of Hope;& talent beyond par;She was now ready with her guitar.Every door she knocked;Every recordingContinue reading BIG DREAMS, SHORT LIVES!

men dont cry

Don’t let ‘man up’ weigh you down

All I want to ask you today is,Every time you are asked to man up;Every time you are asked to be strong;Don’t you feel like giving them one with a gong? You are asked to take all the weight on your shoulders;Without showing any emotions;And when asked why?The only answer you get is because:Men don’tContinue reading Don’t let ‘man up’ weigh you down

The rain of nostalgia

Now an adult, there she stood;Looking out of the window;She was reminiscing her childhood.It was a rainy day;She could smell the wet mud;It was now like the memories could flood. Having a competition of paper boats in the rainwater;That’s when I saw a child in my father;He would always let me win;After all his onlyContinue reading The rain of nostalgia