Small town girl;With so much enthusiasm & gleam;Being a part of the big city was her dream.Her innocence was a charm;And with a heart so warm;She held her head high;& was ready to take over the sky. With a beam of Hope;& talent beyond par;She was now ready with her guitar.Every door she knocked;Every recordingContinue reading BIG DREAMS, SHORT LIVES!

men dont cry

Don’t let ‘man up’ weigh you down

All I want to ask you today is,Every time you are asked to man up;Every time you are asked to be strong;Don’t you feel like giving them one with a gong? You are asked to take all the weight on your shoulders;Without showing any emotions;And when asked why?The only answer you get is because:Men don’tContinue reading Don’t let ‘man up’ weigh you down

The rain of nostalgia

Now an adult, there she stood;Looking out of the window;She was reminiscing her childhood.It was a rainy day;She could smell the wet mud;It was now like the memories could flood. Having a competition of paper boats in the rainwater;That’s when I saw a child in my father;He would always let me win;After all his onlyContinue reading The rain of nostalgia