Law or flaw?Judiciary or is some kind of a mockery?To the brother who’s serving a life sentence;for the crime he did not do;That night will forever be of repentance. The mother who taught him how to walk;Has got such a shock;Half of her body is permanently into shock The father who gifted him his firstContinue reading “WHEN LAW TURNED TO FLAW”

The phase of embracing everything!

Today we are going to talk about the people who have always been pulling you down. It shouldn’t matter what they say because that’s what people do; they were born to poke their nose in others life and it will always continue no matter what.But what they never said was: There will be families whereContinue reading “The phase of embracing everything!”

India’s broken dreams

To the heroes,Whom we compared to superman & batmanHave now become just a number; ZERO.You got it right;Police officers are our context of sight. As a kid I dreamt of being an IPS officer;with the stars of my shoulders& head held high to serve my country;But little did I knowThis profession is power & moneyContinue reading “India’s broken dreams”

Hey Giver, Time to give yourself!

To the giver in youTo all the times you let your self-esteem sit backTo all the times you said;‘It’s them before me’ & saved them from any attackAnd lastly,To all the times you thought you were at faultOh darling, sadly;None understand kindness comes by default. So stop there!Take a deep breath;For they will take youContinue reading “Hey Giver, Time to give yourself!”

Your kids need to know about it

Sitting by the lakeFeels like I have got my long-awaited breakI’m all to myself todaywith my thoughts to play. The sway of the wind reminds me of her;As though she’s calming putting  me to sleepThe stillness of the water reminds me of her;As though she’s taking the sun to keep me in shade. I wishContinue reading “Your kids need to know about it”


Today, we are going to talk about everyone’s most favorite topic!Any guesses there?Sure, sex is cool but here we are talking about FOOD.Firstly, let’s take a moment to thank for all the food we have had, have, and would be getting in the near future. Because even the very thought of food makes 90% ofContinue reading “THE SECRET TO A LONG HAPPY LIFE”

If, a funny word!

If, a word we use very often;To express the regret of a situationTo repent on any given conditionBut my dear,Pause for a minute;For life is too timidTo blame it on the if’s and but’sWhen you got your gut to trust. No matter how old you areIt’s true that age is just a number.For losing isContinue reading “If, a funny word!”

For the ones, we lost to corona

You had promised me;Another bedtime story for the following day.That day morning I rushed to your room;For our morning hugBut I found you lying on the rug. Amma was crying but why?You always taught me;Never to lie.So why didn’t you keep up your promise, baba?Now, what will this Simba do without his Mufasa? The nightsContinue reading “For the ones, we lost to corona”

India, let’s sense the senses!

Why?What has happened to our eye?Are we actually even seeing?;When we can’t really see what’s going on in our country? Our rights, our power, our moneyBut looks like we too are politician’s bunnies;Our wrong electoral choices;Rapes, murders are the consequences. Why?What has happened to our voice?Has money blinded our morals & principles?That being ignorant hasContinue reading “India, let’s sense the senses!”

Mystery of the night- I

It was a lovely evening for a run. The wind hitting in your face, the busy roads had gone silent & the city looked sparkling. Nate took a stroll around the town of lights for half an hour that night. On his way back home, he picked up flowers for Eva, his 18-year-old daughter &Continue reading “Mystery of the night- I”