The Mystery, The Warrior And The Adventure.

Long ago there lived a mighty warrior,
The bravest and the most robust ever.
He is called the warrior of “Asherah sea”,
Any king before him would bend the knee.

His name is “Nakoa”, and they called him the great,
There are several stories to tell his might.
Whenever they talked about a hero there is his name,
There are no limits for his fame.

Once the king called him to send him on an adventure,
To find and recapitate the most valued treasure.
Nakoa accepted and started his quest,
He started his journey towards the jungle on the west.

There are many horror stories about that place,
No man got out of the jungle in one piece.
Some were killed or injured physically,
While some were tortured mentally.

Nakoa, after travelling for a long time decided to rest,
He found a place and decided to remove his armour vest.
There came a girl towards him running for his assistance,
Nakoa saves her from wild animals and asks her whereabouts.

She thanks Nakoa for saving her life,
She recognises Nakoa with the symbol on his knife.
She feels fortunate and tells that she is lost and from Boeotians class,
Nokoa asks her to stay and assures to help reunite with her race.

In the morning, they resume their adventure,
She feels that meeting Nakoa is her pleasure.
She walks ahead towards her race while Nakoa guides,
They reach a place where sunlight slowly fades.

She takes Nakoa to a place where it is filled with rocks.
Within seconds, Nakoa is surrounded by soldiers.
They surround him and are ready to kill him,
The girl leaves Nakoa and joins them.

Nakoa couldn’t believe it and is shocked,
He slowly realises that he is betrayed.
Nakoa takes his sword and fights like a warrior,
The sight of that shows why he is a real fighter.

He defeats them all with his skill,
His every blow was a sure shot kill.
He realises his mission and goes for treasure,
He finally finds it, and his happiness has no measure.

The king who ordered Nakoa also comes to the location,
Nakoa is puzzled but is very happy to see the king in action.
The king goes and hugs Nakoa in happiness,
Nakoa gets a feeling that he is paradise.

Suddenly there is a wound on Nakoa’s back with a knife,
Nakoa turns back to check and its the king who wanted his life,
There are praises all and cheers for Nakoa’s all over the realm,
The king couldn’t bear or tolerate it and decides to kill him.

The warriors and gods from the heaven shred,
As Nakoa smiles and rests there dead.

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