The Introduction Of Dark Reality Through Light.

Doctor Steve: “This is the best prototype result we have ever got John! Once we implant this fully AI-enhanced chip in your head, you will have more handle of everything and behave just like humans used to do in 21st century.”

John: “That is an excellent thing to hear doctor! What is the success rate you got when you tested on the animal test subjects? And what did you name this?

Doctor Steve: “We have an 87% success rate on test subjects, and this is the fastest AI chip ever made, so we named it ‘light.’ “

John: That is nice to hear, I’m ready for the implant, let us do it!

Doctor Steve: Awesome! Here we go, aaand it’s done! Here is a device to check the results. If you have any concerns, you can come to visit us anytime or call us.

I feel delighted after I got the chip installed; it must enhance my thinking in various aspects. I was going home thinking the same. Boy, I was wrong. I left the building, got into my car and starting driving. As the year is 2346, that was the last year we have traffic lights and vehicle stops.

I was waiting at the light to turn green, then a middle-aged man with his 58th edition car which is pretty old. He is listening to music on his 720-degree audio and enjoying it. He looked at me and gave a smile and drove off. What a douche! 

Why is he smiling? I have not seen a smile since the last time my parents left me for some couple of hundred bucks. I mean they got money and smiled, I get that. What did this douche bag smile? That too in an old car and outdated audio?

I drive to a grocery store to take a few things and go to the billing counter. The billing counter employee did a good job. He just took things charged me. After everything is done, he had a look at me to go away. That is the thing that should go on, but that dick face back in car smiled at me. 

I go home, and the watchman asks for ID, as usual, no smile or nothing. Why did he smile? Anyways let me cook and eat. I cook my meal and start eating it. I share memes with my gang and get all the reacts, now that is what I’m talking about! Virtual reacts, who smiles to me on the face.

After an hour, my roommate came and thrashed me with a belt and was laughing. That is my daily routine. He has a weird habit of beating the pulp out of me and laughing. I get that too he is having fun, and I’m used to abuse as well. That person laughed at me without any reason.

The night passed, I woke up next day naked as my roommate likes to do a few things with my naked body. It will be painful, but he enjoys it a lot. The only reason I’m living with him is, he threatened me if I leave, he would kill me. He always carried a gun with him. 

I woke up and looked at the mirror and smiled at myself! Now that is strange! Why did I do this? The next moment the device doctor Steve gave me beeps for a moment. It says device activated an hour ago and the data will be shown after 24 hours. I was excited about this and started my day. 

I went out for a walk, and I see people laughing and smiling at each other, wishing good morning, have a good day etc., This happens daily, but why does it seem strange today. Do the person who says good morning, have a good day mean it? Why I’m I thinking this now? I was confused and started walking further.

I reach home and lie down, having nothing to do, I take a nap. After a few hours, the device beeps, it is 24 hours after I got the chip. It has the results. I woke up, washed my face and opened the device to see the results. The results had new words that I didn’t hear anytime in my life. It has words like “emotional score”, “empathy” “peace of mind” etc., 

I never heard of these terms. I started googling and taking understanding these terms. My emotional score is going towards sadness and depression. Depression? I satisfy all the people around me, why I’m I depressed? Isn’t that the process? I was so confused and couldn’t figure out. It had the option of a detailed report. 

I clicked on it and going through results. To my surprise, it shows I may be unhappy and maybe facing abuse. What is abuse? Is the system broken? I googled abuse, and to my surprise, I was being abused! I went in through all the details and got to know the same. It also has steps on how to face depression. 

It said if a person is abusing you, retaliate against them and stand for yourself. I took this to mind and waited for my roommate to come. When my roommate came to beat me, I stood against him and said no. He got so mad that he punished me till I got blood and called his friends and raped me. 

The app didn’t say what to do; it is fucking broken! Next day I went to the doctor Steve and explained the same. The doctor almost cried, and said he is going to install another chip to cope with it. That day Steve didn’t say that he is giving a killer chip to murder abusers! It has been six years I got the chip. I killed almost 273 abusers and 258 paedophiles.

I’m writing this from my jail, and I’m going to get executed tomorrow. I have a secret to share with you all. I didn’t kill them because I felt terrible for abuse, I killed them because the chip told me to! I still don’t know how emotions work yet!

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