The Twist Of Adoration.

Aakash is excited to visit his grandmothers after a long time and is waiting for his train to arrive. The train after a 20-minute delay finally arrives, and he gets in. Aakash is looking for a seat, and finally, a finds a chair beside a beautiful looking girl and gets love at first sight feels.

Aakash makes a sign asking if he can sit there, the girl looks around nods and says okay., he makes all types of efforts to talk to the girl; he gathers the courage and speaks to the girl.

She smiles and giggles for his gestures. They are having a lovely time together. There is an old aged woman who observes the same and gets angry. After some time she loses it and speaks to Aakash with an angry tone.

“Mister what are you doing? It is a public place, not your bedroom. Behave properly and you girl didn’t your parents teach you manners? Laughing at a stranger jokes and what dress are you wearing on a public place? Learn our culture and traditions. If you do this once more, I will call the police.”

After some time, the old aged women got out of the train, Aakash turns to the girls and says “Is that your mother?” The girl laughs and says “no”, “You gave me great relief by saying that she was not your mother” he smiled.

“Well, yeah the way she reacted was really motherly. But one thing I can tell my own mother would have never did this” girl says. “I hope she don’t have any daughter otherwise she will be going to her daughter’s in-laws house herself,” says Aakash said. And they both burst into laughter at this thought.

They sat there for a while in silence. The silence was comfortable, “By the way, what’s your name?” Aakash asks. She hesitates at first, but then she says “Aarushi”. “What’s yours?” she asks back.

“Aakash,” he says and gives out his hand, and they shake it. The rest of the journey was good. They don’t ask anything personal to each other. The train reached Aakash’s destination, and he stands up. The train halts here as a break. Both step out to the platform and looks at each other. Aakash says goodbye, and they exchange numbers after that Aakash leaves.

Aarushi types the number in her phone and what she saw was beyond any expectations. Aryan, the unknown boy she fell in love with, who called her a wrong number. All memories danced in her head as she collects the memories from a secret room in her brain, which was hiding for the last four years.

Her mind filled with questions like “Will he ever knew that I am his “Neha” if I called?” “Do Aakash know Aryan? Or Aakash is Aryan? “And above all, if he is Aryan then do he still loves me?” Or he just forgotten about me?”
She thinks “I don’t know if I will be able to say my real self to Rahul if I called him or vice versa. But of one thing I will absolutely never forget that Aryan was my first love and even if he doesn’t come back to my life or any other man who comes, he will be my first forever.”

While all these thoughts run in her mind, her destination arrives, and she gets down. She goes out of the station, finds a taxi and heads home. She couldn’t control the curiosity and calls Aakash. Aakash lifts the call and says “Hie Neha, I missed you and I love you!”

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